Server connect Include/exec : Action Step Module File does not exists in PHP

Hello dear Wappler superstars !

I’m having a weird path issue when inserting a server connect include/exec (php).
It’s like it’s putting twice ‘dmxConnect/modules/lib/’ in the path before appending the proper php file.
Thus, the picker won’t load properly when trying to assign a value.

Running on Windows 10 + Wappler 3.6.0

Thank you for your help !

It’s happening for me too on Mac (also PHP)

Yes there was a problem with the path generation in PHP.

It will be fixed in the next update - but you will have to reselect/remake your include or exec steps.

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Thanks !
Can’t wait to start using this ! :slight_smile:

Fixed in Wappler 3.6.1

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