Wappler 1.7.3 Released


What’s New

API Services to the Max!

In this update we have included the very anticipated OAuth2 server component! Together with support for 18 predefined services like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, Instagram, Amazon, Dropbox, Foursquare, Imgur, WordPress, Spotify, Slack, Reddit, Twitch, PayPal, Pinterest, Stripe and Coinbase or custom one!

So start integrating with those services and feel the Wappler power! :slight_smile:

NEW Features

  • NEW Server OAuth2 Connector - now you can finally connect to any OAuth2 compatible service!
  • Added 18 predefined OAuth2 service providers: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, Instagram, Amazon, Dropbox, Foursquare, Imgur, WordPress, Spotify, Slack, Reddit, Twitch, PayPal, Pinterest, Stripe and Coinbase or custom
  • Updated API Connector to accept OAuth2 provider as authorization


  • Added help text info icons for App Connect and Server Connect properties, where available. Now on an [i] icon is displayed in the label and on hover a nice popup shows. Available to the properties with defined help texts
  • Improved App Connect and Server Connect Formatters icons
  • New script includes, don’t add type=“text/javascript” any more as it is unnecessary for HTML5

API Connector

  • Improved Server API Action to be authorized with OAuth2

Server Connect:

  • New Full color coding in the Server Connect Action steps
  • New Duplicate Action Step possibility
  • New Redirect action - useful for OAuth2
  • Made condition and repeater expressions visible in the Server Connect Actions tree
  • Added invalid event for handling http errors 400 validation failed

Code View

  • Improved error checking and synchronization

Extension Updates

  • Data Formatters Updated with new help text possibilities
  • Data Exporter 1.1.2 - Added new option to skip adding Unicode BOM to the exported files
  • Mailer 1.2.1 - Improved PHP 7.3 compatibility

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Needs a full version trial - I downloaded but it was only the basic version.

Also, code edittor improvements.


You can sign up for a trial and you won’t be charged until the trial is over.


Just what I was looking for!!

Thanks for the impromptu Q&A.

John Dombrowski

Technology Director

Thornapple Kellogg Schools




Hey Teodor
What about the service workers and support for manifest.json file?
This request was sent back in august and George promised to release in the near future, but nothing so far;

Also the f7 framework version 4 has been released in beta yesterday, how long is to be added to wappler?


All coming up in the future updates!


Thank you

any plans for the 32bit os support?


Not really - it is too limited and every OS is 64 bit already


I didn t expected the predefinition of 18 services…

This update is simply:



thank you guys for the update.very nice work.:slightly_smiling_face:
hope to see more improvements in the formatter


This is a good addition for beginners. Some more info could be added in the popup indicating how the property would work (at relevant places). I could see the info indicator on very few properties, but its a good start. :+1:

Colors and names of actions in server connect tree looks good. :ok_hand:

I haven’t had the use of API Connector or OAuth2 yet, but its good to see that they are now as easy as other server connect actions. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! You rock guys! I guess after that improvement; —> Design could be the next focus! Now with Server Side API and OAuth2 we are loaded for alot of new possibilities!!! @George @wappler_ambassadors and Devs thank you so much for your help and amazing blast communicative community!


This is magic, wonderful, pretty thanks Team Wappler.

Ações duplicadas, descrições na frente.

Thank you for meeting our request. @George, @patrick , @Teodor



This update is looking good!

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