Trying to choose Wappler or Bubble

Hey all,

I’m considering moving my Bubble app to Wappler, but I haven’t really seen any “powerful” apps built with it that are advertised in #showcase, only a few websites and one (really good-looking) app, that unfortunately I can’t try (I believe it’s the PopDish app).

Could someone link full, working apps for me to check out, so I could make an informed decision? Thanks.

You can’t make an “informed decision” based on showcases. That’s not how informed decisions work.

It would serve you better if you could explain to us high level what your app is so we can let you know if it is a good match for Wappler.

Although I haven’t seen a single Bubble app that couldn’t be recreated in wappler.

I Agree with @JonL, I think you will find that those who have apps may not want to advertise they use Wappler, or Bubble for that matter! I have an app in Bubble and learning to build one here, but neither will be advertised as such.

You might want to check out this thread: Advice needed: torn between Bubble and Wappler

I didn’t say I was making my decision based on showcases. I’ve seen the platform and what it can do, I just want to see some real-world uses of it. Is that a problem?

Not a problem. But still is not a good idea to base your decision on that.

Wappler uses web standards therefore the limits of what you can build are limited by your own limits.

If you rely on showcases you will always be biased by what others are capable of achieving and making public.


I could show you a huge system, but unfortunately it works internally. The interface is css and supports asp and php, you can do the same with wappler whatever you can accomplish with them.

@JonL I agree the same .

I specifically said I’m NOT basing my decision on that. I just wanna see what others have achieved to see if what I want is possible. Geez.

Do you want to build a CAD/MDT?

No, I don’t. I’m building a real app.

Ok. Thank god.

What are you planning on building? Can you share some details?

A video streaming app, to put it simply. It would have social features, like comments and sharing videos between users. It would implement a “watch party” like feature.

I think do you want to use webrtc ?

So you need real-time features and connecting via API to a 3rd party for video streaming? Or are you planning on hosting/serving all the video stream tech?

Hey @imvicdiagnostic

Welcome to Wappler!

I’m sorry to see that you have had a bit of a bumpy ride on this thread. The Wappler world can sometimes be a bit more blunt than the Bubble world, but it is immensely supportive at the same time!

I spent 2 years building a very big business admin app on Bubble and am within a couple of months now of completing it in Wappler to take it to market.

The difference in performance is incredible. Just unbelieveable.

I’ll have a version of it you can play with later this week… I’ll pm you the details of how to access it. If I haven’t sent you anything by the end of the week feel free to send me a reminder!

Best wishes,


I don’t really know - I literally know nothing about things like these. But I think you’re asking whether I’m hosting myself, and I am.

Thanks, sounds great.

Why are you considering moving away from Bubble? Were you able to launch your app there?

I am just trying to understand how steep the learning curve is going to be for you.

PS. I am an exBubbler.

I’m trying to make it a mobile app, and want it to be fast, which is why I’m considering Wappler. I haven’t decided to move yet.

But is your project live? Were you able to get all the functionality working on Bubble? What service did you use for video streaming? Bubble doesn’t do video streaming so you must be relying on a plugin for that.

I think the PopDish app from @mebeingken is a very good showcase, specially on the mobile side: