Transfering data from a table to another database

i have a server connect file which doesn’t let me edit the database query in it. I’m copying data from one table to another table in another mysql database. I’m using a repeat to transfer the data. it worked once, but now it doesn’t work and when I try to edit the query, nothing happens when I try to open the query builder. Is there a way to edit this without having to rewrite the file?


The normal cause of this is that you have removed or renamed a field in your database so the query no longer matches the schema. This can cause the query to stop opening

If you intend to remove or rename a field then it is best practice to remove the fields from queries first

I reported this a year ago

I’ve come across this a few times and been able to edit the server connect file to get it working again. However, it’s not easy to edit these files and if many changs are needed, it might be simplest, and most reliable, to create it again from scratch.

Please restart Wappler with logging, reproduce the problem and make a bug report topic with the debug log. See: