Not really a bug as such, but an irritation with query editor

In my current project i was given a number of data tables for the basis of a project in which some of the data was relevant, some not but at the time the customer was unsure what they needed.

On few few occasions (wont do that again) , i just added all fields to server actions, not by table.* but by dragging all the field names into the action as it was unclear which were needed at the time. Mainly this was to allow for sortable headers in tables which don’t work with table.*
Recently i started a tidy up of the tables and removed some unwanted fields with a view to opening the relevant queries and removing the references after
I now find that if the field is removed from the query then it will not open for editing so i have to “hack” the json

Now I appreciate that amending the queries first is the sensible way to do it but with large numbers of queries this is not always easy and it is sometimes the easier way is to amend the data structure and detect any offending queries via errors

So my question is, could it be possible for the query editor to open even if there is a missing field in then database table, perhaps with an error message rather than just refusing to open?
I am sure i can’t be the only one who has had this issue


@patrick will check it out

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