Tab Groups in Wappler

I may have imagined reading this on the forum. But at one point was there discussion about once we switched to the tabbed layouts that we would be able to group our tabs together? Similar to how google does it in their browser? That way you can have the server actions in the same group as the page you are working on. Would simplifiy a lot of things.

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They are currently grouped by file type.

But you can’t compact a group? They are just up there kind of hanging out, unless I am missing something?

No, they can’t be compacted. To be honest, not sure why you would want to? Might be a good feature request though.

Yeah its an awesome feature idea! Say you have a page and there are three server action scripts that are used on that page. So that’s 4 tabs total. So you can close those down to one tab, it would keep the workspace so much more organized. I’ve been using the tab groups in Google and it so simplifies my life…

I just couldn’t remember if this was actually discussed before or not. If it wasn’t then I could submit it as a feature request.

I don’t recall that being discussed specifically. May want to change this to an FR.

I personally don’t ever have more than two tabs open at a time anyways so I guess it just never came up for me. At my age, the fewer tabs open the less chance of screwing up. :wink:

yeah I’ve usually got 4 or 5 pages open and 5-6 server workflows going at a time.

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Then I could see it useful for you :wink:

As for me, even four browser tabs open sets off my anxiety. lol

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Hey baub, you should vote for your own suggestion. That will make two of us. :slight_smile:

@cy2 Thanks I did. This started out as a question and turned to a feature request, so I forgot!