Started a tutorial on how to create an image gallery

Please have a look

I will try to add an episode a day. Not a promise :thinking:


Wow looking great Ben!

You do have a sexy voice :smiley:

Also very good to keep on referring to the Wappler docs .

Great work - keep it up!


Great work Ben Keep it going!

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The voice is my contribution to diversity.


@Hyperbytes, thank you brian. There are a few mistakes here and there. I’ll try and fix them as I go along.


@ben woow Amazing! Thank you so much! That was one of the missing how-parts for aloooooot of people. Interesting how to make a gallery withouht even taking care about any fileupload or monitoring/debugging the fileupload process like scaling etc. :smiley: good job! perfect job!

Just what I needed Ben. Thanks

Great work Ben!

I happened upon this in Youtube yesterday. Afterward, spent several hours perusing each one. These videos will be a great library of resources for all kinds of useable actions in other projects! I’m looking forward to more of your tutorage.

Hi Ben
fantastic your tutorial.To be perfect you need to insert the crop of images and upload dropzone

@Marzio this is just a matter of 2 clicks :slight_smile:

  1. In server connect add a crop step
  2. On the page click the make dropzone button for the file upload input.

I don’t think Ben has to redo the whole tutorial because of this :slight_smile:
That’s why all the tutorials and docs are a good starting point and you can extend them as you need. Not everyone for example needs dropzonе, or crop, or watermark etc.

Well said @Teodor, i don’t think some people realise how much time and effort goes into, say a 10 minute long video and we do it free for the benefit of the community and while doing that we are not doing our paying job. I would love to have the time to do more but i have to earn a living at the same time. I think @ben has done an amazing job with that series and certainly i learned a lot from them.


That’s right Brian, the videos you both (and others) created are more than helpful :slight_smile:

What i am trying to explain to users here is that it’s not possible to create a tutorial for every user case out there. Once you learn the basics, you don’t need to “remember” every click as you already got the logic behind every step shown in the tutorials.
Server Connect allows you to extend every server action out there, by using your own logic and requirements and adding just the steps you need.
Same goes for app connect, if you have a file input, you can easily replace it with dropzone (if required) without the need of exactly same tutorial showing this, when you already have one using file input :slight_smile:

Same goes for building your own CMS, you don’t really need an exact tutorial for your exact use case, when you already have all the docs showing how to insert, update and delete records from the database. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a blog backend, a product site backend or a user management backend. The logic is always the same.


Absolutely, practically everything just resolves down to a SCRUD system.



Sure, but I was misunderstood
It was just a comment to validate Ben’s work, reiterating that with some corrections it was perfect, but I hadn’t requested to edit the tutorial, or at least it wasn’t my intention
In fact those changes, and also others, I’ve already done for days
Hello everybody


Took me a while to get started with this tutorial. But… I got it working with just one try. Which happens to be rather unusual for me.
Great tutorial @ben. Thank you so much!

I have been using your magnificent tutorial for some time to create a photo gallery
A missing option is the ability to rotate the individual photos and save change, as happens for changes in the order
By chance Do you have a new version of the tutorial that includes this option?
However you are always a great

The TV is getting a bit long in the tooth and does need to be updated.

However, I am not sure what you mean when you say rotate. Do you mean the ability to rotate the image say 45 deg?

Yes the problem is that with the photos made with the various smartphones some photos are rotated