Single Page Website for FLEYG®




Today we introduce you an innovative one-page scrolling website for Fleyg products created by our long-time user and talented web-developer @swf (André Bender - CEO and founder of Swiss Web Factory )!

The website contains finely tuned animations, a special side navigation and a special contact form in the footer. It includes some of the newest components, like swiper in combnation with lightbox, video player and also font awesome integration. The site is fully responsive and looks great on any device.
It includes 3 language versions you can choose from. The language selection is stored in a cookie, so every time you visit it, the site will be loaded in the selected language.

Great work André, looking forward for more examples from you!

Wappler UI improvements
Dmx-class::notice-show used in a Wappler showcase - how is this done in Wappler?

Great work @swf - site looks amazing! You used the animations very wisely - not too much but just enough to make it looks great!

Also nice work on making it so well responsive! The navigation and images collapse and change nicely.

And the Lighboxes and video player is also a great addition to the whole.

I would say a fantastic combination of all the Wappler extensions!


Thanks a lot.

All the new extensions and of course Wappler gives us an amazing new toolkit to realize special web solutions for our clients.


Woow amazing work! Crazy swf is only about 3000 m away from me :joy::ok_hand:t5: maybe we should go for a :doughnut::coffee:


Well done @swf, that looks really great.


Thanks. Glad that you like our work. :sunglasses:


@swf greetings from basle :laughing:


Greetings back, we’ll surely meet for a coffee or a beer :slightly_smiling_face:


and there is the Swish Wappler Club created :slight_smile:

Maybe I should drop by too - but it is all so expensive in Switzerland - have to save some money first :wink:
Then we can go skiing :slight_smile:


@swf yes lets meet, I‘ll pm you. @george I‘m in Asia next week, cause its getting cold here :snowflake:, but next year back and if you go with AirBnB its not so expensive. And yes Switzerland in Winter is so amazing. I‘ll try to find one picture which I‘ve taken with my phone.

Offtopic, but here we go. That was in

Obergoms 2011