Problems with NodeJS in Database Manager

Hello friends
I’m new to WAPPLER and when creating a new project with NodeJS, and when creating a connection with DataBase Manager with a DB with more than 200 tables, he can’t create the connection… staying only in LOADING…

i’m using MariaDB, and when configuring the connector, the connection is normally established.

when making the connection with MariaDB is like this, more if I make a connection with a DB with few tables works.

Podem me ajudar

Please restart Wappler with logging, reproduce the problem and attach the debug log. See:

Sounds like the same problem I mentioned a few days ago @George

Our Node Project is on the back-burner as attempted for a whole day to rectify and in the end had to take a break… Will do the same and enable logging when am in the office.

No Dave - it doesn’t look similar to me - don’t see mentioning any spinners there.

OS info

  • Operating System : Windows 10.0.19042
  • Wappler Version : 3.7.2

Problem description

creating a connection with DataBase Manager with a DB with more than 200 tables, he can’t create the connection… staying only in LOADING…

Using NodeJS (27.4 KB)

In the log I see that there is a connection to your database times out.

How is the connection made?

We will improve also that the error is shown.

Also your database have fields of type longblob - what kind of field is that and also what database type do you use?

Will send log a little later @George

Seems we might have problems with some exotic database field types :slight_smile:
So if you can send a database structure SQL dump - I can check and make sure we can handle it all.
Send in PM if it is privacy sensitive - just a db structure dump will be fine - no need for any data.

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However in your case it is really a timeout error… so connection is lost.
How many tables do you have in the database? and is it far away? So it takes long time to fetch those?

Under 70 tables (MySQL) with no special field types essentially. A few Views. All on our own servers. We have no issues with any other Projects connecting to any of our database servers. Projects and Databases all hosted by us. All connections white-listed in hosts files. Solely the Node side which is giving us issues right now. Have to excuse me for the delay new rules for C19 in place here so am stuck between lawyers and bank for a little while. Here in Portugal we now require proof of Residency and address to enter the supermarket, and for that matter to even take the dog for a walk (we have five dogs), so trips to the vets to get copies of all their paperwork. Man its a nightmare…

So how many tables your database have?

And are you saying that you can fetch the table schema in the database manager on a PHP project but not on NodeJS project? To exactly same database?

64 tables.

Yes, no issues at all with other Project types. All connect fine.

I’m not talking about connecting with Server Connect… but a direct connection with the Database Manager and fetching the whole schema so it displays nicely in the database manager tree.

So you have this in PHP as well?

Will double check and get back to you @George (am pretty certain this is the case, no issues, but would like to check as to not waste any of your valuable time). As always your support is epic! And again we truly appreciate your patience and assistance with everything you do.

All good in PHP:

Yes it has BLOB’s fields, I’m using MariaDB

–> 257 Record(s) received

Can you provide me also a dump of your database schema as SQL dump? Just the schema not the data.
You can zip it and send it as PM

It follows the structure (51.7 KB)

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Thanks - great large test database schema. Now with the latest updates I was able to read it all fine.
So your problem will be solved in the next update.

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Issue persists in 3.7.3.

Everything connects and uploads fine (I think?), its all where it should be (aside from Node looks for app and not index, node is running fine with no errors reported via SSH).