Page doesn't look like Wappler layout on localhost or web server

So locally you develop in a subfolder and remotely you set site root?
That’s not gonna work. Your folder structure should match.

I thought they did. Isn’t the folder level locally the same as the site root?

Well, can you please just check the errors in the browser console? You will see the FULL path of what/where the site is looking for in your site.

In your files panel select target and make sure all of the folders are there that are coming up with a 404 error. It should be identical to your local files.

when you right click on any of these files and click “Open in new tab” or just hover any of them it will show you the path where the browser is trying to load these files from.
This will show you what’s wrong.

I was able to get these to work on my local folder but when I publish to my remote web server it’s like it is publishing a completely different file. In fact, when I look at it in Chrome developer tools it shows the index.php page as being almost entirely empty. Weird.

Do you have a link you can share?

Please do what i have described here, so we can understand what is the issue!

There is nothing on this page, the which is loading is empty.
Are you sure you publish your site to the remote server at all? And are you sure you publish it in the correct server root directory?

Actually there is something totally broken either with you publishing the site or with your server.
When you try to load any of the app connect files, they just look wrong:

Here is what I see in the projects folder for my remote target.

And here are the files and a bit of the index.php file shown in Notepad.

So are you on your remote target? Then do you hit publish?

Something is really wrong with your server/target setup.
Also i see locally you are using a subfolder /123php/ to develop your site, while remotely you upload it to the root of the server.

I also see you locally use xampp with php and remotely you say it’s an IIS server. Does your IIS server run PHP? Do you have the modules required for PHP to run on IIS installed?
Do you know that the .htaccess used for routing on apache (xampp) won’t work on an IIS server?

I have tried republishing it several times. I have even when to the file in the Project window, made a change, then published it directly. Same thing. Also, I have run Php on this exact site before. In fact, I am working in Wrappler to build a site to replace the one that was there before. As far as Xampp goes, I was under the impression that it would serve IIS pages. It does seem to work on my localhost. Is there another piece of software you would suggest to replace it?

I am going to try just uploading the index.php file from another software program and see what that does.

So you confirm your iis server at this domain can run PHP and has PHP installed?

Also see the link I provided to one of our js files - it’s totally broken. There’s something really wrong with your setup/target config. You need to check everything again.

So I uploaded the index.php file from outside of Wappler and this is what I get:

Can you go to your remote target configuration and click the test button? Is it showing a confirmation?
Then hit publish and send me a screenshot of what you see in the terminal panel at the bottom of Wappler window?

I don’t see a test button anywhere. There is a System Check. Here is a full screen capture.

Go to your remote TARGET configuration in your project settings.