Monitor sizes discussion

@TomD, my computer dungeon as @George would call it, haha.

But if I work really hard I am saving up for this office which George did approve of, just needs lots more monitors on the desk.


@psweb - I’ve added your 43 inch monitor to my wishlist. My 34 inch (3440x1440 - and curved) monitor takes pride of place at the moment, surrounded by a monitor in portrait mode on one side and an iMac on the other (the other two are connected to a Windows machine - all three accessed from the same keyboard/mouse).

The trouble with aquiring higher resolution monitors is that your eyes become unimpressed with your old monitors (much as they may have liked them before). Much as I like having a portrait monitor, its 1920x1200 display now looks slightly blurry. (That will be my excuse for moving the new monitor from wishlist to shopping list anyway - that, and age.)

I am currently drooling over a Samsung 49" curved ultrawide. I much prefer ultrawide monitors as they give so much more design space per inch than a standard shape regardless of size

@Hyperbytes - why is that (less design space)?

Take wappler as an example, it has 3 main columns, it’s effectively 3 screens in 1, server actions, page view and app connect. ( I Am already use 3 physical screens anyway)
Extra height is of little benefit, width allows more room for the apps columns. I have a standard 49 inch and i prefer my 27 inch ultrawide as it is more suited tp my workflow. If the panels in Wappler were detachable I would be fine with 3 screens but they are not so width is important.

Thanks @Hyperbytes. I see what you mean. I would probably keep my wide-screen, curved monitor as my central monitor as it is often ideal for applications (like Wappler, as you suggest). I was thinking I might split up a second monitor (eg using split screen software) so I could in effect retain a portrait setup (perhaps two portrait monitors). I often prefer a portrait monitor eg for code, email and webpages with long lists etc…

The 49 inch monitor looks great, but quite a bit more expensive - and I’m not sure if I could still see out of my window.

@TomD, it really has been an awesome monitor i will profess.

@Hyperbytes, I looked at the ultra wide monitors too, but to be honest, it was firstly more expensive, and secondly I often have very long pages of code and being able to see what i did in code at the bottom of the display while coding something 1500px above that makes things a lot quicker for me, I hardly ever have to arrow/collapse in my code anymore and i can still see everything. I do not think having the added height is ever a hinderance.

And here is a screenshot of my best reason.

Top Half = 3840px x 1440px (1200px for code view) & (1200px for design view) (left over 1840 means I can have a very wide App Structure panel)
Bottom Half = 3840px x 720px

When working on a database with too many columns I just have it at the bottom of the screen.

Second 27-inch screen runs at 1920 x 1080 and i generally have my clients indesign / photoshop design files open there that I am trying to match, or sometimes their old website that i am redeveloping.

Third screen is 1440 x 900 on a MacBook Pro, which generally has Apple Mail, & Skype open at all times.
I use multi desktops on the 27-inch to switch from design files to websites using a magic mouse this is a simple swipe on that screen to open a second or third desktop.

Thats my general workflow.

Would love to see detachable or dockable panels so we could utilize two or three screens more effectively. It’s great the way it is - for a single screen but could really be awesome for multiple screens with detachable windows.

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Thanks @psweb - that’s a great screenshot. I shall get one and decide about my window later.

Guess we all work in a different way. I hate doing what you do and stacking multiple windows on the same screen, I like them on separate screens. Wappler layout lends itself so well to ultrawides. Samsung 47" ultrawides is sub 1K in UK so it’s not that scary price wise.

Keeping in mind that @Hyperbytes actually knows what he is doing, like really knows what he is doing in Database design so he probably does not run into badly designed 50 column databases, lol.

In South Africa, it was almost 50% more than the 16 x 9 one i got, i really could not have got one.

If I could add another 2 monitors to this i would, i have 2 27-inch monitors sitting here collecting dust that would be great on here too to make a 5 monitor system, alas the MacBook Pro does not seem to have the capacity to add more.
It also has no USB-C or i might have tried one of those docking stations that give added ports. I have tried the USB-A to HDMI converters but they really seem to slow down my system badly.

If anyone has any other suggestions I am all ears.

50 columns, never!!!

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In our office we have two Dell 27" 2560x1440 monitors attached to each computer :slight_smile: This configuration is really nice.

haha, yes bad, i know, but sometimes when a client supplies 7 different databases from 16 years of operation and a couple are from Microsoft Works, A few in Excel, a couple off a previous MySQL database, 1 from MailChimp, and a last attempt they made with Google Sheets, and I am told they have a new mailer to get out and I have 3 days to get them all into one concise list with all the duplication removed, well things go quite badly. lol

@Teodor, I ran 2 27 inch monitors side by side for a long time and it was great when they were at 2560 x 1440 as I could still fit 2 1200px wide browser windows side by side on a single screen. Alas the eye balls started letting me down a little and resolution had to be reduced to stop headaches, and after that my workflow got quite difficult, I had to go bigger unfortunately, now i just have a sore neck, like i have been watching tennis too long.


My ultrawide is 3440 x 1440, two others are 2560 x 1440

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Probably a very silly question but a 49inch uhd tv is far cheeper that the same size monitor, have television screens still not got to the level to really compete with a proper monitor?

I have a usb 3 to hdmi converter i use for connecting to a 50 inch smart tv in my office. It cost about £10 and works really well (giving me 4th screen also)

Mine is also USB 3 but for some reason was just so laggy that as an example i could never watch a youtube video from it. What brand is your if you dont mind me asking, I might try again.

Cheap and nasty from ebay, will have to check, not at home currently.

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