Monitor sizes discussion

This was it.

Thanks, I will dig my one out of a box and see what it was, would be nice to get a working one.
One day when i am rich would love a newer MacBook Pro with more thunderbolt ports though. mmm

@Hyperbytes, In the meantime should i send you some login details to my 50 column 56097 record database to fix. :slight_smile: mwahawhaw

End of company year today and had to spend some money to reduce corporation tax. I was so close to buying a new surface book but then remembered I had loads of mileage expenses to claim so did that instead. Funny how I forget all those £270 return mileage trips until now. :wink:

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I had plenty money, and then the children wanted food, school fees, a car each that did not break down. The dog wanted food, and flea medication, the rat wanted food and a new wheel, the 2 hamsters wanted food, the 2 guinee pigs wanted food and a larger cage, and their nails clipped. The retired parents wanted food, electricity and their bond/mortgage paid. The tax man wanted at least 25% of everything i had, well so i thought, till i climbed in my car to get to the shop and realised i was also paying road taxes, then purchased a ton of food and paid 15% extra for tax on that, needed some fuel and paid some fuel tax too.

Moral of the story “Food is the root of all evil”
Point of the story “The people and pets that all love me stole my dream of a new MacBook Pro”


And they are far more important in your life than a Mac book!


Dump the database as a .sql file and send it to me, I need a good laugh.

Wonderful, coming through. lol.

Amazing that a 16.9MB SQL dump in zip gets to a mere 3.2MB, sent.

Yes, text losslessly compresses really well, not like images

At the risk of splitting this thread again because we have deviated, i will post a question as a separate post, keep an eye out please, would love your input on it.

It’s 11pm and I’ve come on here to learn some serious stuff about Wappler. I still haven’t quite “Got It” yet and so referring to the valuable hints, tips, how-to’s and videos is helping a great deal. Then I come across this post. I read every word. Now I’m starting to get into the heads of some of you guys. Not sure it’s helping me to learn the Wappler Way but hey, who cares? Lovin’ the ramblings. :clock11: :speech_balloon: :crazy_face:

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Lol, yes. Me and Paul at 8000 miles apart, had never spoken before a few months ago and now I am sorting out his databases for fun. Amazing place this group


That's a daunting list of expenses, but I can see some areas where I might economise.

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I wanted to bring from the dead this topic to show you my new setup.