Linear Axis on AC charts, rather then points in series

Hi All,

As per my other topic:

It seems that the AC line chart in wappler does not have functionality to create a linear x axis based on datetime values. The chart only seems capable of plotting points in series as per the data returned from the query. ie. the graph is only displaying the data from the query, and the scale of the x axis is not uniform. I believe that this functionality exists in charts.js, you just specify that the axis should be linear in scale. I think this is a very important feature when trending data over time, where the data does not necessarily exist for every interval on the time series.

EDIT: I think this post describes in more detail what it is that I am looking for:

Does no votes on this mean that this will never get implemented. I completely understand that features requested more should get prioritised. But I really need to be able to use scatter graphs in my Wappler application. Even if I could get a rough idea of when this type of chart might get added that would be helpful as I could focus my efforts on trying to resolve outside of Wappler, even though I’m doing that already :slight_smile: .

This functionality already exists in charts.js, and I know that Wappler uses this as some sort of foundation, so I am hoping that it would not be a very difficult implementation for a future Wappler update. Anyway keep up the great work, and thanks for the great support in this forum.

Hi Ivan,
The feature will get integrated in some of the next updates (as it’s available in charts.js).
We’re currently on a summer break and will be back with the weekly updates after August 12.

brilliant Teodor, hope everyone is enjoying the break. thanks for the quick reply

Hi Teodor,

Any chance of trying to add this to the list for one of the upcoming updates?