Jon's Wappler UI 4.x personal wishlist - Electron edition

This is not a topic to request break-away panels. So don’t even try!

My wishlist once Electron branch is stable.

  1. Native toolbar.


  1. Get rid of all modals. Move their content into tabs. Modals are quite a huge interruption of our workflows as they block access to other content that may be useful when modal is open.
  2. Tab Grouping
  1. Pin tabs
  2. Command Palette specific to wappler and extensions


  1. Flexibility on layouts for different type of monitors (tiny, small, ultrawide, massive, etc)



It’s so tempting … lol :beers:

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But we NEED break-away panels! But I will take tabs over modals.

Even move server actions into tabs. The left side panel is too clumsy for large and complex api actions.

Whole heartedly agree to do away with all modals - tabs are much better and with more space available for flows and queries (ability to maximise doesn’t help - doesn’t scale nicely with bigger screens)


When the full team(even patrick) likes your post you know you got something right :smiley:

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Time for a new “Liked by Patrick” badge? :thinking:


Oh! I am honoured. And excited :slight_smile:

Absolutely! I think it would be a very good adition to Wappler’s community lore!

Expanding on point 5.

Now that we are going to have more tabs we need a way to search for them and access them quickly.

I’m suggesting as in VSC: Quick Open(Go to file in menu)


Besides it’s main feature of searching it has two cool features.

  1. You can open multiple files from Quick Open by pressing the Right arrow key. This will open the currently selected file in the background and you can continue selecting files from Quick Open .
  2. You can split to a tab directly from there.