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I’m about to start fiddling with Wappler and working on a lot of personal projects in my backlog.

One thing I’d like to do to both build my knowledge and help others is to work on a starter project and post it to Github. This goal of this project would to use all of the simple and advanced features of Wappler and demonstrate how to do things as well as show complete User/Registration systems etc.

My background is in Full Stack development, blockchain, and Big Data. So these are concepts I’m pretty familiar with and would love to build out demo apps for others to copy and hack away at.

Some things I was wondering if the community could help out with so we could provide good starter experiences for newcommers are:

  1. Wanted to poll the community to see what kind of app would be good to demonstrate this. Was thinking maybe something like a basecamp clone, forum, or something.
  2. If there would be others willing to review the project and help determine security holes etc. (Last thing I’d want to do is setup a starter project with a big security hole and people copy it and bam get hacked)

I plan to use the NodeJS + Bootstrap 5. And I also play to use passport to handle authentication and many other express middlewares to help with security hardening.

Just thought I’d throw this out there and see what the community thought.

PS (Github: (Doesn’t show much activity because my current company is a private org but my view is solid green on contributions haha!)


Hi @shadowcodex

  1. I cannot think of a single starter base-project that would have helped me in all the various projects I have built with Wappler. There’s always a different requirement at the foundation itself. Although, a CRM would be the most elaborate & useful in terms that it would be able to make use of many Wappler components. You can add a poll here or a new post to get some feedback based on other options you think are contenders.
  2. I would not mind testing the project out, but I am not very familiar with NodeJS, so not sure how much of a help I would be. Although, I would recommend to not use complex custom implementations for security since Wappler’s is as per industry standard from what I know. And changing stuff in core Wappler files means it will get overridden on next update. You might play around with Custom Modules to create some security component or make use of middleware support (I have zero knowledge of this). The idea is to keep it just complex enough for new users to understand and not just blindly use it. Unless that’s what you are trying to build for the sake of ease-of-use.

Thank you for your input, it is highly valued.

  1. I think I’ve settled on doing a basecamp clone with a public company profile so it would mix CRM, Chat, Todo’s, Calendar, etc…

  2. I was under the impression that Wappler did not provide out of the box user registration and other features and that we have to implement those ourselves. Are there premade solutions for that in the Wappler framework?

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Hi Shannon,

Welcome to Wappler and its great community!

I’m very glad you are willing to contribute with more starter projects for Wappler. Yes, those can be very useful, specially for new users, because Wappler and all the web technologies can be pretty overwhelming for them.

So providing a good getting started projects will be really great. Wappler does include all the ingredients you need. Indeed like CSS design framework like Bootstrap 4 and 5, but also all the server components that you will need to build a secure login and authorization solutions.

Having a good quick start project including full user registration and management, will be really useful indeed.

@mebeingken has already covered the topics in his course User Registration and Login Course

So you might want to preview it and see what quick start solutions you can build that cover the same base but maybe also add more user management, rights management, password reset etc. - out of the box.

Furthermore - we have many topics on building a simple e-commerce shopping solution, specially when using stripe as payment provider, but we don’t really have a quick start project for that as well. People have to build everything from scratch there as well. SO it might be useful to check that area as well - it is very often requested.

Thank you for your participation - I’m sure many users will welcome your quick start projects!

You can indeed place them on GitHub, so users can clone them directly and use them straight in Wappler as new projects. But it is also convenient for further changes and improvements.

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You could build something that nearly everybody needs at some point: an admin dashboard.

There are open source bootstrap 5 admin themes that you could port to Wappler and then create a sample database used to populate the different widgets/tables in the admin bootstrap theme.


Thank you George. Lots of good insight here.

Ah yes, the infamous admin dashboard.

I’m beginning to think I should break this down into multiple starter projects instead of a single large one. So that each one addresses an advanced problem.

  • Chat
  • User/Login/Administration
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Stripe
  • Blog
  • Forum
  • todo

etc… While a basecamp clone would cover all of these bases, it may make it harder for new users to isolate the problems and solutions.


absolutely agree with Job - admin dashboard is asked so often…

And the most admin dashboard templates are so bloated, full with unnecessary jquery ui components or other rubbish.

A good clean admin dashboard that uses the easy, data bound Wappler’s App Connect components - will be a real delight to have.

And when you also have a database, you can even bind the components to the data and supplied the needed queries in Server Connect that fetch the data, so everything work directly out of the box.

Nice charts, user lists, feeds, simple cms maybe indeed for blogs, but indeed make those additional. All done with the clean App Connect components.

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I think bundling User/Login/UserAdministration with the dashboard as one project, and then other projects that expand on that to add individual types of advanced uses like listed above may be the best path.

I still have yet to see how wappler handles all of the file side of things, wondering if the basic user/login/useradmin project can be gitsubmoduled to provide updates to the other projects if security or additional login features are added.


Got a bunch of free time coming up and several projects, that I’m going to dig back into this and start prototyping.

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Did anyone ever build out something like this, or still a gap? I’ve got a big project I want to build and it’s looking like I’ll be using wappler to do it. I’m going to setup a base shell for starting apps with modern wappler 5 if someone hasn’t started one.

Also for returning users is there a welcome back 14 day free trial to get my feet wet again and go through the wappler 5 getting started course? @George

Hi Shannon, welcome back.

Have a look at what Brian English (@Hyperbytes) has done.

Finger licking stuff that will make you regret ever having left Wappler.

Rumour has it that returning Wapplers pay a bounty to all of the loyal users that have financed the Wappler evolution in your absence. My advice: sneak back in and pretend you never left. :sunglasses: