User Registration and Login Course

4+ hours of Registration and Login video lessons using Wappler 3.6 in a Node server environment, including Social Login and Two-factor authentication, guided tours, analytics, plus much, much more!

My next course covers User Registration and Login topics:

  • Database prep
  • User registration
  • Server-side input validation
  • User Login / Logout
  • Redirect based on role
  • Securing pages using permissions
  • Password resets (lost pass, etc.)
  • Google analytics using Tag Manager
  • User Profile Page
  • Using custom modules
  • Login with Facebook
  • Login with Google
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Admin user creation w/email invite
  • User Guided Tours

Within those main topics students will learn:

  • How to style a file input using an icon
  • Previewing an image upload before saving
  • Password hashing
  • Using Globals
  • Library Actions

The course makes use of some custom modules I created (Node only at this point):

  • Retrieve a binary file and save locally
  • Determine mime type of a file
  • Generate a 2FA secret key
  • Validate a 2FA token

Once purchased, the course is available forever so you can reference at your leisure. As with the Getting Started Course, I’ll be updating anything that breaks as Wappler updates roll-out. This doesn’t mean an update for every minor change, only major breaking changes. I have to maintain my sanity. :slight_smile:

The first few lessons are available to preview if you just need a basic registration and login.

There are a couple additions I plan on making in January, but for now, I’m tired and just need to stop. :rofl:

Thanks everybody for supporting the first course with your comments here in the forum and the reviews and requests made through the course. I really do appreciate it all.



Wow this looks like a great course. I’ll be purchasing this later today.
One (noob) question; do all these techniques also apply to mobile-project / api-project setups?

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Great course, Ken! You’ve done amazing job once again!

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Hi @Mennovandijk thanks for supporting!

Much of what you will learn is directly transferable to mobile work for the server side. The front end depends on your choice of framework. If you use the Wappler standard framework 7, then the elements used will be different while the concept will be the same.

So while you will be more prepared for mobile, this course does not specifically address any mobile dev.

Thank you Ken for the excellent course work! Azure Single-Sign-On for enterprise logins would be nice!


Great course @mebeingken! I’m a long time user of dmxzone and Wappler and I learned a lot from your excellent course! :+1:

How would you recommend to secure an API for external use? My main API is on a local NodeJS server and I want to access it from my hosted NodeJS webserver.

I had a discussion with @Hyperbytes some time ago about this topic for my “old” site. I’m redoing my site on NodeJS and rethink security.

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Thanks for the request!

I’ve only done something like this in a very limited scope, and wouldn’t be comfortable “recommending” what was done until I confirm the approach…also, it wasn’t exactly your use case. I’ll DM you to get some details.


Good work. I will def get this full course at some point.

My question is when you are creating your API scripts, you are entering your post variables manually. Why wouldn’t you just import them from the form. Such as clicking on Input and then choosing the form and importing from there. Seems that saves a lot of time and with beginners they might not know how to do that? I didn’t know if you did it the long way to just show how it works and how variables in the API should match in the form?

Just curious.

Great job!

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Hey Baub,

I suppose it’s a matter of preference. My workflow generally starts with the database, then goes to the business logic (the server side) and then finishes at the front end. I actually take the opposite approach on one of the lessons to show what you describe. On the profile page, I created the front end first, and imported the form.

I am hoping that by showing these manual steps, the student has a better understanding of what is going on, so they can apply knowledge to different needs. I’ve seen plenty of posts here in the forum that suggest while they user may know how to import those inputs (for efficiency) they don’t really know why those inputs are working.

Your point is well taken though and will be in my head for future content! Thanks for sharing.


I didn’t use to import earlier too. But later I doscovered it also copies the validations and it became a no brainer.
I have not viewed this course @mebeingken, but in case you haven’t covered that, it would be an improvement you could add.
Make the SA more secure.

Yep, that method is also shown.

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Thank you Ken for everything. You doing pretty well

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Hey Ken,
Are you able to sell single video lessons if I don’t need the whole package?

Hi Fred,

Sorry, but the lessons aren’t available à la carte.

Do you have a php version instead of node version?

Sorry Miguel, no php courses and the node version is currently out of date with no timetable for getting it updated.

I don’t think that there is much of a difference between the Node version and PHP, with the exception of maybe the database.

Have a look at


Thank you Ben this is awesome you put this in place, going to watch them this afternoon does this have the two factor authentication?