First Wappler App - Now Live 🤩



After about two months of learning and experimenting with Wappler, here is the first application which is now live. :tada:
I had no prior experience with DMX, App Connect or even Bootstrap!

It took a lot of time to design. A LOT. :disappointed_relieved: The UI designer needs to be improved significantly for a true visual designing experience. This is the only major complain.

The GOOD stuff:
Time to setup DB connections and other back-end functions was a breeze with App Connect and the amazing UI/UX of Wappler. I sometimes still can’t believe how smoothly the server action works and fits with the application. :ok_hand:

The project itself is not very vast. Its a portal for a international shipping agent which allows its clients to track the status of their shipments. There are just 2 pages for regular users, and 10-15 pages for the admin dashboard. Main dashboard page contains numerous modals for single page operation.

(most of the text content is blurred as its live data)

Single Pager home screen with navigation on left.

Tracking result page. Can track multiple consignments.

Dashboard login. Nothing fancy. Just uses Security Provider sever action & password hashing.

Dashboard home. Allows adding/editing/deleting consignments. Update status. View Pending and Delivered consignments separately. Supports paging. Send track report via email.

One of the modals - new consignment. Similarly new consignor, consignee, country, city, etc are all separate modal on the same page. Lots of dynamic data is fetched based on user input in new consignment modal.

There are still a few pages to be developed in dashboard. Should be able to complete it really fast. :smile:
Everything has been done on Wappler using App Connect and various components… with the amazing support of Community :pray:. I had to write CSS more than I expected, but I hope designing will get much much better with future updates to Wappler.

Please do share your feedback and observations.

P.S. The clients are our parents and this is their company based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

P.P.S. Our 2-person agency is called Slashash (/#). This project was made by Siddhant.


That’s a great real-life example of what you can build with Wappler, thanks for sharing it with us! :slight_smile:
Hope to see more projects (from your agency) like this in the future!


PS - As a side note - you wouldn’t be able to really achieve this in Webflow, without hand coding the whole backend :slight_smile:


True. :sweat_smile:
And, if I compare the time I would have saved in designing this in Webflow in comparison to Wappler, time taken in hand-coding backend would be much much MUCH more with Webflow. :slight_smile:


Forgot to mention this.
Another great thing about Wappler is there is no dependency on the Wappler application itself. If I somehow go crazy in the future and want to hand-code everything, I can use a simple text editor to make upgrades!


This is impressive! Congrats! I wanna confirm that Design needs really alot of time. Maybe that could be solved with Template also? Webflow has here some very nice way to start using design. I really can‘t say what would be the solution but also making a colour theme/bootstrap change consumes so much energy and research. To fit some corporate colours, scale that design to other pages is now still a manual work. Maybe somebody could bring some input! Cheers!

Yes this wouldnt be possible with webflow. But respect to their design tools. Maybe thats the missing puzzle!


Hey Freddy, some input from our side - it will be a breeze to customize Bootstrap 4 builds soon.

Also, the design tools are also getting improvements and we are working on making them great, thanks to the great input we are receiving here.

Stay tuned for more news really soon.


it maybe a personal choice, but we don’t like to use themes.
always prefer to start from scratch - even when we were using webflow full time. it gives a much better pixel level control and feels better to have built something.

so, for now, for the smaller, non-development intensive projects, we’re working on wordpress with (scratch dev, no theme) - only until Wappler gets super cool on design front.

One tool. All design & dev. All visual/wysiwyg. That’s the DREAM.


Very impressive. Good job, and thanks for sharing.


Great interface and clean design.


Thank you for taking the time to review the website @turn3636 @revjrblack :slight_smile:


Great job @nshkrsh!


Hi Teodor, I am very happy to hear that the design part in Wappler will get improvement, honestly, Wappler is already a killer when it come to dealing with data the visual way but compared to many other visual designing tools, Wappler misses some very important features or capabilities, like a template system, css fx when mouse over buttons…and may I ask you if css parallax fx (section parallax) will be added soon? I am asking because this is very common on most web design tools and I used on many websites.

Thank you and keep up the great work!


@nshkrsh - your site was featured also in our newsletter :slight_smile:


thank you very much :smile:
this is awesome.