Does the "Add new record" in Database Manager work with UUID primary keys?

I’m using UUIDs for primary keys and it appears I am not able to manually create records within the Database Manager. Is this a known limitation or should I be able to create records?

It could be a bug based on multi reference tables also seem to have issues been inserted into using the database manager but as soon as you add a incrementing Id field the manager lets you add them could be the same here where it’s looking for a increment over UUID but I can’t confirm

UUID as primary keys are automatically generated on save. Just as any other auto generated primary id.

So you can’t edit them, just edit the other fields and save and they will appear on the next fetch.

@George should this dialog appear when I click the save button to add a record?

Yes this is a new dialog to confirm how do you want the save to be executed, directly or to be kept as change, so it can be later incorporated in the database manager “changes”

If you want direct edit, clear the “keep as changes”

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Fixed in Wappler 5.4

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