Table data editing an empty field

ok, that throws an error. I’m probably running into the same issue that @Sorry_Duh posted above. I can’t add an increment field to the table because uuid is already the primary on the tables.


aha what did you enter for the uuid?

Nothing. Only firstName and lastName.

well your account is an uuid reference that is required, so you need a add an uuid value there.

ah I see that you have tried to edit the account field but didn’t entered any value, which makes its value empty. So just don’t enter the edit mode. I will see if we can improve that

I didn’t edit the account field. It’s just on the table.

Are reference fields required? That seems strange. I want to have the ability to create a user without an account.

I don’t even click on the Account field and it shows a red mark in the row when I try to add a new record.


@George looks like this is an issue with focus. As soon as I click ‘Add New’ the account field is given focus – notice the cursor in the video. Even though I don’t enter anything and immediately click on the firstName field it shows the red corner. This happens on any field that you click on and don’t enter a value.

I’m officially titling myself “Chief Bug Finder”. :wink:

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Fixed in Wappler 5.4

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