Closing project result in failure

Wappler Version : 2.1.2 EXPERIMENTAL
Operating System : WINDOWS10

Expected behavior

Close project

Actual behavior

Spinning wheel shows up - wappler blocks - have to close in windows task management.
Starting up again shows only black screen

Could you restart Wappler with logging, try to reproduce the error and attach the debug log file here? (448.6 KB)

to reproduce:

  1. open wappler with project
  2. close project
  3. spinning wheel - wappler blocs
  4. close wappler with windows task managment
  5. restart wappler
  6. wappler shows only black screen
  7. close wappler
  8. restart wappler and select a project
  9. wappler shows only black screen
  10. close wappler
  11. restart wappler - now wappler opens the choosen project of step 8

11 steps to do after i close a project

It seems this problem occur with others:

It certainly was a problem in the past, but I haven’t come across it for a while and it seems to have been fixed - for me anyway - several versions ago (I mentioned v1.9.6 in the thread you refer to).

I quite often close Wappler ‘completely’ - eg using the tray icon in Windows. It might be worth trying this if you haven’t already. Simply closing Wappler leaves several Wappler processes running. I expect closing it down in this way clears caches etc. (but I don’t actually know if this the case).

It is very strange. It doesn’t happen when I switch between projects. It only happens when I close a project.

After closing with the Windows tray icon I can restart and select a project but then wappler shows a completely black screen. I have to close and restart again to work in the project.

Any project, or a specfic one? I wonder if there could be a problem with an open file in one or more of the projects. I think Wappler does some updating/housekeeping at the point a file is closed and perhaps when a project is closed; perhaps if there is some syntax or other error, Wappler can’t do what it needs to do (but again, I’m only guessing).

Any project. Normally I always ‘Close all files’ and then ‘Close project’. I never had problems with that. The problem started with Wappler 2.1.2.

Now I don’t close anymore. I switch between projects. Maybe the next update solves my problem.

The same happens when the current project is deleted in Wappler 2.1.2. in Windows

Steps to reproduce:

  1. open the project in Projects
  2. delete the project in Projects

Hi all,
we were able to recreate this issue and we are investigating it now.

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will be fixed in today’s update :slight_smile:

The new File Manager and Git Manager weren’t aware yet that you can have no active project selected.
So this will be improved.


The bug is fixed in the new update 2.1.3.
Thank you for quick intervention. :+1:

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