Problems switching Projects


Wappler Version : 1.9.6
Operating System : Windows 10

Expected behavior

Choosing a project from the Project menu should result in switching to the selected project

Actual behavior

Wappler displays a page loading icon and ‘Switching project’. It doesn’t switch projects. This is displayed:

… and remains on screen. It’s necessary to restart Wappler to fix the problem (to switch to the new project). It doesn’t happen every time - it seems to happen if you’ve been working on one project for some and then try to switch.

How to reproduce

Choose a project from the Projects menu (after working on the current project for some time).

This issue was fixed recently but has returned - in v.1.9.5 (I think). It’s still an issue with 1.9.6.


Hi Tom,
Please try reproducing this with the logging on and send us the error log.


Thanks. Since I mentioned the issue, it’s been behaving better - but now it got stuck again while switching projects. I’ve just sent you the log file.