Bring Back Search For Dynamic Attribute & Events Picker

Continuing the discussion from Add delay to property inspector dropdowns (and include search form) because Teodor marked it as completed:

Summary: With version 5, the visual pickers which used to have a simple search for adding events and attributes along with limited keyboard support, have been replaced with Mouse-only menu/sub-menu UI

I agree! Was always using the search in Wappler 4

Personally I’d like the option in the settings to switch back to the UI for pickers that was in v4. These ‘smart’ menus are not working for me. Always extra clicks to click the more button every time.

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Really wishing for this to be part of the next release. :crossed_fingers:

Another Thursday. Another bump.


In Wappler 5.1.1 you can bring back the old style menu from the General options for design view and attributes:

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