Add delay to property inspector dropdowns (and include search form)

The new dropdowns/multilevel menus would be easier to use if there were a short delay before the submenus were triggered. As it is, it’s not possible to select ‘Click’ like this:

…you have to make a detour with the mouse or the menu will disappear before you get to it.

More clicking is now required to select events. Eg, before, you could click + and simply type ‘cl’:

… to locate the Click event. Now, it’s rather more convoluted, and also fiddly navigating the menus (mainly for the reason mentioned above).

Would it be feasible to somehow reinstate the search form - perhaps at the top of the menu? It was a useful feature. I don’t often use Design view to add elements, but the search option was useful there too. At least it’s still available, albeit no so easily.

If right-clicking an element could open the Dynamic Attributes/Events menus, that would be useful.

(On another matter: it’s great to have the correct colours in the colour pickers now.)

Installed beta in Windows Sandox just to test it out.
Its a huge productivity killer. The search option i have in 4.9.3 is really great.
Here’s how I use it: Click on the plus icon and search. Press key down, then key left to select the item and then press enter.
In the beta, after click, there is no search, so now I have to learn where each dynamic event is nested. After that, if I navigate using keyboard and press right arrow to open a sub-menu, I can’t see the sub menu… and I can’t go back to the main menu - neither left key nor esc key work.

Overall, a huge step back in terms of productivity. It does look better than earlier, but like Tom, I would definitely want the search option to be retained somehow.
I have added these clicks into my workflow to avoid writing too much manually in code… but if the current beta implementation does not improve, I will have to go back to typing it out manually, as that would be way faster.

The absence of this is really slowing me down in Wappler 5.

We are already looking for ways to integrate search filtering in context menus so should have both of both worlds.


Bump. Don’t see in this 5.0.1.

This has not been changed in 5.0.1

Not sure when the break is over. But please improve this so I can upgrade to version 5. @patrick

Bump. Any chances of this improving in 5.0.4?

In the next Wappler update we will have improved the menus, they will have a small delay before opening the sub menu and don’t close directly when moving the mouse over other items.

The search is something we are investigating and is not implemented in the upcoming update.

Can we instead have an option to toggle between new/old UI?
Not sure how much you guys actually use these options, but the menu is a huge productivity killer. What I could do with couple key presses, is now completely dependent on mouse.

I don’t use the design view at all, so can’t comment on the menu UX there.

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The dropdowns have been improved in Wappler 5.0.4 - we added a short delay.

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