App Connect 2 Browser Goto On Click No Longer Works SPA

Wappler Version : 5.6.0
Operating System : Mac OS
Server Model: Node Js
Database Type: Postgres
Hosting Type: Docker

Expected behavioor

Using a dynamic onclick event to trigger a browser goto with the internal option enabled the URL should change and the view component should refresh to display the page.

Actual behaviour

The URL changes but the view component does not meaning you have to hard refresh the page for it to load

How to reproduce

Using a dynamic onclick event to trigger a internal browser goto


The browser goto does work in situations like on success events of a form so it seems to only be certain instances broken.

Il be converting mine to anchor tags so for me this isn’t really a issue but incase others need to use Goto events I thought I’d create a report for those who need this.

I see no errors in the console

I’m seeing the same issue. The browser.goto action step is no longer working after updating to v5.6.0 when Beta update channel has been enabled.

I am using the goto action to redirect user to a content page after successful login. There are no errors in the console.

Is this only with internal links? Does the URL update but it doesn’t update the view?

This is not an internal link. In my case, the URL doesn’t update.

In my case it was only internal links not updating correctly, the url would change but the actual view component remained on the page where the link was triggered and did not refresh to show the new page.

In our case yes, internal links change the path in the browser but do not update the page.

Fixed with the files in this thread should be fixed in the next update :slight_smile:

Update is now released, they are available from within Wappler.


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