App Connect 2 Beta Internal anchor tags not refreshing view component


Wappler Version : 5.7.0 | App Connect 2 Beta
Operating System : Mac OS
Server Model: Node Js
Database Type: Postgres
Hosting Type: Docker

Expected behaviour

When using a Anchor Tag with internal="true" the URL should be updated and the View component should refresh to display the page.

Actual behaviour

URL changes but the View doesn’t refresh so you stay on the page where you clicked the Anchor Tag

How to reproduce

Content pages with the same layout page using internal="true" option for partial refresh i’m currently testing with Anchor Buttons


I maybe wrong but I believe Anchor Tags with internal option was working correctly in the previous betas of app connect 2 and that only in 5.7.0 did it stop refreshing completely with internal option (Not 100% sure)

However the browser goto has had similar issues throughout most of the betas I believe so ill link that report here incase they are related as both are about view not refreshing with internal:

Update is now released, they are available from within Wappler.


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