Internal links causing a hard refresh in App Connect 2 Beta


Wappler Version : 5.7.0 | App Connect 2 Beta
Operating System : Mac Os
Server Model: Node Js
Database Type: Postgres
Hosting Type: Docker

Expected behaviour

Using a anchor tag with the internal option enabled should update the URL and refresh the View component without causing a full refresh.

Actual behaviour

Causes a full refresh as if the link was just a standard link with no internal option set.

How to reproduce

My case is navigation using anchor buttons with internal selected, all content pages use the same layout page.

Been doing some more testing and looks like at some point the code for internal links generated by the internal option has changed a little from internal to internal="true"

internal without the true part used to work but now causes a full refresh this is no issue as I can just update the attributes.

However it seems with this the View component is not refreshing with internal links ill create a separate report for this as there is a similar one with browser goto not refreshing the view

I’ll also leave this as unsolved incase the older internal is meant to work along with the newer internal="true" if the older is depreciated in Wappler this can be marked as solved when seen :slight_smile:

I have some updates for App Connect, Routing and Preloader that should fix several issues from the last beta release.

Please test with the following files: (127.6 KB)

Just done a little testing all looks good so far when using internal="true", great work @Patrick :smile:

Update is now released, they are available from within Wappler.


it should also work with the internal attribute without value

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