Android 8.10 Build Failed - Mac Catalina

OS: Mac OS Catalina
Wappler 2.2.7

In a mobile application project, when I select the Android 8.1.0 platform and then click on build, I receive the following error message:

The build then fails.

Disregard, it appears this is connected to notarization, which should be corrected on the next update according to Solving python error in MacOS Catalina when using docker. :slight_smile:

What update?

The next Wappler update I hope. :slight_smile:

Remember, it was mentioned that Wappler motorizes, I mean notarizes on each update?

Wappler doesn’t have anything to do with the AAPT2 package. Wappler just makes use of it.

Android needs to notarize that package for Catalina.

If you don’t want to wait you can follow my motorized tutorial!

I have just upgraded to Catalina, same problem with aapt2. Guess thats the end of that until next update

Solution here:

@JonL, that solution works for python, but does not work for aapt2.

That’s new!

Try to run sudo xattr -r -d /path/to/aapt2

Use at your own risk :wink:

Fixed in Wappler 5.4.1

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