YouTube Video Training on Project

Hi guys, I am pretty sure most of you are aware that I have done some YouTube training videos when Wappler was still in it’s beta stages. Now I am busy working on the next.

So a couple questions to see what people actually would like to see.

  1. Firstly, it has been suggested by George that I try to rather make shorter videos just showing a single concept at a time.
    In theory I love this idea, however that is the same way the DMXZone videos have all been done, and to be very honest when i get to a video that says, we won’t show you this step because we already did in a previous video, and i have to stop and go searching, it drives me nutty.

  2. Should I show the entire process from start to finish?
    I personally like to see every single step of the process to get from point A to point Z of a project, my worst thing in a training set is when they say we will not show this as it goes beyond the scope of this tutorial, but I can rather choose to watch what I feel I need to and skip what i don’t. That means showing how I created the database, showing what my database structural thinking was, showing my cPanel setup, the project creation in Wappler, setting up my targets, etc.

  3. I would like to as far as possible use the design view mainly, as this is what Wappler is all about.
    The issue with this is that you do not get to see the code as there is no split view option in Wappler as yet. If I show the code throughout the build here and there and you can pause and read what you want, would that be sufficient?

What I would like to do myself is create an entire video training set of how I did an entire website from start to finish, so start with.

  1. Here is the finished product with a demo on how it all works.
  2. Here is my cPanel and ftp user created, and file manager, and database initial setup.
  3. Here is my initial database flow chart and why i have done it like that.
  4. Here is me creating the database from start to finish.
  5. Here is how I setup the project in Wappler, directories, targets, etc.
  6. How I make my first page from start to finish, then the next, and next, and so forth until the project is complete.

I would also like to show the problems i hit in Wappler along the way, and how I get around them generally in code view, so not just fix the issues in the background or avoid using elements that I know might cause trouble.
Because I would like to make use of longer videos, what I could also do is use annotations in YouTube to different videos or to jump to a time in the video, so when I am showing the database creation, have an annotation to skip to the next step. And then in the video description I could have a kind of index to find the right step in the training.

Please post your ideas or comments / views on what you would like to see so I can try to help the new user, and the more experienced user alike wherever possible. If you are happy to just let me do it the way I have described above, just like the post so i know.

  • Do the training as you like.
  • Make the videos as short as possible even if you skip through parts.
  • Make the video as long as you like and i will skip what i do not need.
  • Make the video as long as you like with annotation links.
  • Make the video as long as you like with annotation links and a video description table of contents/index.
  • Other, as per my comments I am posting in this thread.
  • Don’t bother making video training, we will rather wait for official Wappler ones.

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Paul, to me it is mind boggling. How to create instruction videos that make sense. Even the short Dreamweaver extension videos were at times too long winded for me. Often I just wanted to know why my code did not work and what I had missed. Going through a whole procedure that I know off by heart to finally find that I should have removed the ‘display’ option is hard to bear for this old codger.

Is a video too long? How long is a piece of string?

I will come back to this discussion with more positive views. Watch this space.

Lol, yeah it has been a bit of a thinking procedure, but what I am hoping to do is to have a sort of index in the video description, as an example, if I have a 15 minute video on creating my first page, and in that video i use, security provider at 3m05s and security enforcer at 3m40s and database query manager at 5m05s and I link all those times under the same name as the component itself, then I would imagine that it should be fairly easy to just get the exact step you might need.
Even as far are fixes are concerned, if I show that the form will not submit because the button type has not been set to submit, and i add in the description, why will my Wappler form not submit linked to 10m10s, then hopefully even the problematic issues might be easier to find.
Well in theory it sounds like a plan.

Paul, have a look at how organise their tutorials. I hope that you have access to this.

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I have a subscription, thanks @ben, that is pretty much what I am going for, but have to consider that YouTube will normally show the results of a search, so even though I will do the videos in an 01 - Setup the cPanel, 02 - Setup the Database style, if a user gets to it from a search, it will show the most relative to their search, and the most viewed etc under the sorting options.

I am a long long winded old bugger and can make any sentence into a 3 hour pub story, to get to the result of, thanks i am fine too, and even for me the Lynda tutorials often put me to sleep, and then later on down the line, i hit an issue that I know I saw a solution to in the Lynda training, and i have to often open 4 videos and try skim through them to find the part i want.

I will be attempting to follow the Lynda style and also have the annotations to specific parts and the video description with time jumps to the particular sections in the video, that way hopefully i get the best of all worlds although it is going to be a logistical pain to setup correctly.

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Yes YouTube is a bit different medium indeed. Try breaking the videos in 10-15 mins parts.

Also make indeed a good playlist so people go from begin to end.

And try to make it as much as possible with Wappler it’s UI of course and not that much in code view.

If you find any bugs, we should solve them. There is no reason to show bugs in videos and ways to bypass as when we solve them the video will become obsolete.

Anyway check also the other learning discussion we have and good luck!

We love user made videos! Specially from power users :slight_smile:

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I am on the same page as Ben in this. The shorter the better. Not all hosting companies use the same cPanel so to show that everyone would be confusing to many. Same with building the database in the first place. There are too many different tools. I personally use Navicatand don’t need to sit through 20 minutes of phpmyadmin set up each time.

Less is more as they say.

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Thanks @brad, appreciate the feedback, I think with that in mind, I will still show those steps for a person who needs them but in a totally different video that you or anyone that does not want to watch can just ignore the annotation saying, click here to see the database setup.

Because I do not have time to make up “fairytale” projects, I will be making videos on actual live websites, so in some cases I will have to at least explain the database structure or people would be totally lost as to how I got to that point. That being said, I will also make those videos optional, click the annotation to go there “if you want”.

Still do try to explain things well also for intermediate users. Do not assume everybody is a pro :slight_smile:


You may want to also keep in mind the longer the video the more likely something had changed making the entire video obsolete rather than just a short video?

@Brad, that has been the exact issue I have been facing with doing video training the whole way through.

The App keeps changing, the Query Builder looks different, and works a little different etc. That is why I’m not really planning on teaching a concept but rather a “how to” on getting a particular project done.

When I am done with that training set. I will be working on my next project and then I will do a video on that.

Basically because I am an SEO guy in reality I am hoping that the organisational strategy and categorisation I envisage will make it very easy to find the actual parts of the videos that are needed.

The end user will know that video is part of that project done in Wappler version X on date Y, and the next 20 videos are part of a project 3 months later in a newer Wappler etc.

This way I am probably going to be teaching some of the same stuff over and over again but just used to achieve something entirely different, if a user wants to find out something about the query builder they will probably only have to see the latest video set, however if they wanted to find out something about the file manager it may be in a video from 6 months back when I had the need to do that.

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We could use more SEO for :slight_smile:

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Absolutely, I do agree, every site needs a full SEO strategy unless you just invented a new iPhone thats twice as fast and a third the price, and you make them yourself in your garage, and you are the only person that sells them. Then i suppose you only need a little SEO. haha.

Thanks to all who participated in this poll, I think it is safe to say from the votes received that I will be not as concerned by video length and more concerned that the correct section of each video is easily accessible and searchable.

I will be starting this video training set in a short while, and will post links to each video as they are ready for public consumption. Looking forward to user feedback on these and especially interested where people may give feedback on things such as better ways or easier ways to achieve similar results to what I show, tips and tricks on better ways I could have improved database design etc.

I am not a professional in all spheres so always nice for me to know too, and learn more too.
Lastly the videos are going to be done in the Bootstrap 4 framework, I could not train anyone about Framework 7 or mobile development side. I do not know enough about json or integration with API interfaces to actually show anyone how to do that either.

I know, Wappler, js, php, jquery, ajax, mysql, all well enough that my training will not be considered totally incorrect, so thats what I am doing.


Thanks for your efforts, @psweb!

Hey @psweb, where are you publishing the videos? Any Mysql l support, just ask

Hi @Hyperbytes I am publishing them to my own YouTube channel, thanks so much for the offer, I will certainly be taking you up on that i’m sure, would love to hand you one of the first parts of the video before anyone sees it in case I have made the worst database design on the planet. haha, quite possible.

email me any time via business domain (in profile), brian@. Happy to assist in any way, about to start doing a few videos myself also, we could collaborate.


Brilliant idea, the more the merrier.

I have always found this to be one of the most difficult issues with DMXzone tools, right from the very start, the tools work in their own way and it is difficult to get support for them.

If I have a problem or need to know how to do something with any other stand alone tool, well freely available standalone tools like, bootstrap, php, mysql, javascript, jquery, phpmyadmin, wordpress, joomla, you get the idea, i can do a google search and get 20 results instantly that all help me achieve my end result.

Before this community, if I had a problem with a DMXzone tool, and did a search, if Teodor had not made a video to cover exactly what i wanted to do I was stuck on their live chat, often the live chat would help with that one exact issue but then you were on your own once again, if you went to ask on StackExchange or anywhere else they would only help with the base code but could do nothing with the DMXzone tools, you could hardly even add you question in there as the code made no sense to anyone but a DMXzone user.

So far this community is the best step in the right direction I have seen, and if we all start making tutorials and videos I think we will hardly have a need for a stack exchange or any other forum, we can watch out of a choice of user made tutorials, Wappler made tutorials, and if we still stuck ask in this community. Very exciting times ahead.

It’s official guys, I do not have the ability to create short video files, my first video has just been completed at just under an hour, and that is just to showcase the site we will be creating from start to finish, haha.
Sorry but i promise I am doing the best I can.
Will try edit this shorter but I honestly can not see a massive time saving, although it is also not a video anyone actually needs to watch, and certainly to learn just how to create an element they will not need bother.
If they wanted to recreate my entire system though they will be able to from this, Lol.

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