Yesterday's cdn Tagify update broke it on all my Wappler websites

W 4.9.1

When I click, I see the dropdown and can select an option. But the selected option doesn’t show in input. My Tagify settings: default mode with No custom and Min Chars = 0

When manually change to, it work again

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Well make sure you post an issue on their github as well!

@George Can we have an option to use 3rd party tools like Tagify as a local repository?
Now if you adding link for local Tagify repository in main.ejs after you’re saving Wappler still adds links to Tagify CDN.

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Yes I was just thinking about that, that is the danger when using cdn directly without pin pointing exact version.

When it is local or least bound to a version, we know that it is working.

So we should offer indeed more options about this.

On some components like the event calendar we have pin pointed it already to specific version as the later version also have huge changes.

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Thing is not only because of CDNs might get down, but web-site and their clients might be running in isolate environment (Enterprise environment with high level of security restrictions) without access to the Internet - like in my case.

Anyway - it’s good that you’ve paid attention to this topic.

Thank you.


Besides providing local options you might want to consider moving to

It’s far more solid and reliable than unpkg. It’s also served from more locations and it has failsafes in place if one CDN is off or slower.

unpkg uses cloudflare while jsdeliver uses cloudflare, fastly, bunny, quantil(if China is your thing) and it’s own CDN

Here you can see how it works.

It also combines all the files needed into one call which makes html a tad cleaner:

<script src=",npm/dayjs@1.11.4/plugin/duration.min.js,npm/dayjs@1.11.4/plugin/relativeTime.min.js,npm/dayjs@1.11.4/locale/en-gb.min.js,npm/dayjs@1.11.4/locale/es.min.js,npm/dayjs@1.11.4/plugin/localizedFormat.min.js"></script>

Its API if you want to perform a tighter integration:


This also broke Tagify in my live app as well as dev and staging etc. I’m implementing the manual 4.15.2 fix now and it seems to work…just need to roll out to production now

Here latest update for the app connect component, depending on your problem with the latest version this update could fix it. (2.9 KB)

@George will have a look at the CDN link problem when he’s back.


Thanks, @patrick, seems it helps!

The extension has been updated and is now available as an inline update in Wappler. This issue has been fixed there.

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