X-www-form-urlencoded with Server API Action


How do I set x-www-form-urlencoded as the data-type when using the API action server side?

I do know how to do this client side, but is this also possible server side? The API we want to post to only accepts this data-type.

X-www-form-urlencoded for PUT requests

Did you try a normal post, these are default using x-www-form-urlencoded. No need to set a special data-type.


It’s actually a PUT not a POST. If I submit with Postman, it does work, just not with Wappler.


Requirements from MRPeasy API:

“To update the quantity, please make a PUT request to https://app.mrpeasy.com/rest/v1/manufacturing-orders/[MO_ID] with the parameter quantity.”

Maybe this error I got when doing fetch schema is relevant?


well you can’t use the schema editor to fetch the schema that requires a PUT operation.

that is why we also have a “Source” option in it.
check from their documentation the JSON that is being outputted and paste it in the “source” panel below the “fetch schema” button (need to expand it first)


Well I didn’t know that :wink: I’m no API expert.

Ah I see, I was wondering what the source part was for.

The problem is that there is no JSON output at all, I don’t get any response from this particular API. But it should not matter I think, since I can do a PUT with Postman and everything works fine. Just not with Wappler. Can you explain how this is possible and how to solve it?


Oh if there is no output then just open and save the schema editor to make an empty schema.


I did that already, it doesn’t make a difference


PUT can’t currently post the data as X-www-form-urlencoded, that is currently only possible with POST. Will see if we can add it to the other methods for one of the upcoming updates.


Geez, I’m finding those missing features and bugs am I? :wink:

Hope you can implement this soon, it’s literally one of the last steps in my application. Without this a core functionality of my app doesn’t work. Thank you


Hey Guys i am facing the same issue here, we need to use PUT. @George @Teodor . Any updates to this would be great, it is also a final feature required for your CRM.


They did update this a few weeks back, works now on my side

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