Wrong accents: ã ̈ instead of è... Dreamweaver 2019 with Database Updater 2

Hi everybody, I have a problem with DW2019 with Database Updater 2 (ASP server model)
Accented characters are not inserted correctly in my SQL Server 2017 (also tried in Server 2012), as if the past encoding were not UTF-8.

Yet on the entry page I have the right parameters:
<%@ Page Language=“C#” ContentType=“text/html” ResponseEncoding=“utf-8” %>

I want to specify that I have the problem both in IIS and on the web server.
In addition, the DB is set correctly, in fact the other tables that are used with the old DW CS6 in classic ASP have never given me any problems of accents.

The main page (with the form) has a form who refers to another page
form action=“dmxConnect/api/insertpage.asp” method=“post” name=“inserisci” id=“inserisci” is=“dmx-serverconnect-form” dmx-generator=“bootstrap4” dmx-form-type=“horizontal” dmx-on:success="inserisci.reset()"

Insertpage.asp starts with this code:

I have tried various code modifications, without result.
Please can you help me??? I can’t find the solution.
The only thing I understand is that although I declare UTF-8, accented letters are coded in another way (maybe ISO 8859-1?)

I’ve tried also to do what I read in this post, but with no result:

Thank you very much for your help