Writing in false tab (code editor)

Wappler Version : 1.4.5
Operating System : Linux (Ubuntu)

When I’m trying to type in the code editor, many times the focus is on another tab of wappler. So for example, I switch to styles.css to change a style, and what actually happens is that I’m writing in another tab for example index.php without even seeing it (Only hint is, nothing happens in the tab I have opened). I have to switch to the affected tab, switch to the code editor, save this tab and then I’m able to write in the stylessheet. But this was just an example. This happens between all tabs and I have to find out where the actual focus is before I can continue and write something in the tab I want to.

This is very annoying and also very dangerous! Nearly destroyed my website in the beginning because I f****d up the whole code of my main page without even seeing it! Since I’m having multiple pages in my website now, this gets really bad please fix this!

Everything else works fine thanks for your dedication!

This has been reported and the issue is being tracked down as it does not happen all the time and only in certain cases. Hopefully the update on the 16th will resolve this in the meantime only have the file you are working on open when possible.

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Yes this has been reported in:

We are still looking for precise reproduction steps as it is very difficult re reproduce and thus solve.

Btw undo should work just fine.

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Thank you for your answers. Would it help to reproduce the problem with the traditional bug reporting mechanism enabled?

Well any step by step guide will do, preferably from starting Wappler with no open files and from there.

As long as we can reproduce it as we are still not able to do so.