Workshop: Accelerated Mobile App Development with Wappler in Nigeria


If you happen to be in Nigeria this weekend, an exclusive one day workshop will be held by our friend and Wappler Guru Joseph (@Dubai_Citizens9) .

This workshop will help attendees to learn how to quickly build and deploy a functional feature rich mobile app to iOS, Android or Windows platform without requiring any previous knowledge of app or website development.


Joseph have a already a great reputation as power Wappler user and delivered many great showcases like: My Wappler APP: Full Featured Community

So we wish him all good luck with the event!


Thats great news.
did they say if they are going to use framework7 or bootstrap?


Looking at the schedule, it says Framework 7 and Cordova with Wappler:


Need it web streamed!!!

Can anyone sneak in with a camera and video it for us

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I believe they will upload the video to Udemy :slight_smile:
Maybe @Dubai_Citizens9 can confirm this?


Would be nice to have a share to this community for non Udemy members but understand there may be many reasons why this may not be possible

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Hi guys,

Yes. We will. Thank you so much for the support and love. I really appreciate it.


Hey Joseph (@Dubai_Citizens9) can you share some feedback from the workshop?
Did the attendees enjoy building Mobile Apps with Wappler? :slight_smile:


Hi Teodor,

Our single day event was good. It wasn’t great. I didn’t get so much turnout so I have tuned up the noise and chosen Saturday 22nd June as the main day.

On the 8th I had 30 people in attendance. I needed 60 people to break even. So I used that day to prep the participants.

As of this point for the 22nd we have 70 registered delegates.

I will upload videos and photos from the main event as requested.

Thank you and my regrets in delayed reply.



Big compliment! That is an amazing step to expand Wappler Community!