My Wappler APP: Full Featured Community



HI guys, with nshkrsh sharing his amazing project, I thought I’d share an app I built in 1 week on a trial account with Wappler. :sweat_smile:

URL (Members Area):

The website has all the features of a live community.

  1. Membership Subscription
  2. A loyalty card that works with multiple stores
  3. A peer to peer loan network
  4. An integrated market place
  5. Real-time loyalty card credit and debit using POS channels from member stores.
  6. A member rating system
  7. A gymBuddy system to help people connect to workout etc
  8. Hotel room reservation system can integrate into millions of hotel.
  9. Loyalty card takes real money, debits at all participating stores
  10. An Inbuilt mailing system with all the features of an email system
  • everything else.


I just finished all the functions today and I am still working on the GUI to make it look and work like an excellent app.

I just want to stop for a minute to thank you all at Wappler for making such amazing software. I am amazed myself that I could finish this today all with such ease and smooth workflow.

Thank you @george @teodor.@peopleofwappler

You probably should have a section for “Built with Wappler” on the website.


Not enough space :sunglasses:

Love your project though and thanks for sharing.


This is a very nice site and admin backend. What’s more impressive is that you built this in a week, all while learning Wappler. So did you already have an existing site and you just basically ported this one over to Wappler, or was this built from the ground up using Wappler?



impressive! yeah cant believe its possible within one week. lets say 10h per day. so 70h. In my case sometimes I‘m stuck with a problem for about 4-6hours and that happens several times. :laughing:

DB Design : x hours
Interface Design frontend/backend: x hours
Development, Actions, Etc : x hours


No. I built from the scratch. I asked a question a few days ago about how far one can build with Wappler and this is more like an answer. I had the idea, knew my architecture and wappler gave me the tools to turn hard core programming into few mouse clicks. + I’ve been using DMXzone extensions on dreamweaver since their early beginning. :sunglasses:


LOL. Yes, I know right? The community model DMXZONE team used with Wappler is quite fantastic. You get answers and solutions much faster than when you try to chat with their team @DMXZONE. Templating (UI) is mostly the challenge. The easiest part is getting the functions to work thanks to APP Connect. It is pretty more powerful that it is advertised.


That is some impressive work. Hard to believe you made SO MUCH WEBSITE, in a week!! :+1:
Could you share any peculiar issues which you faced while building this in Wappler? Could be helpful to others in future…


Hi @nshkrsh your work is amazing too. I loved it. There wasn’t really much. If you follow my thread you’d basically see all the questions I asked. For example, a few seconds ago, I saw the question you asked about auto logout. I had the same issue. Teodor’s suggestion was epic. I was just hitting my head wondering why I didn’t think about “Action Scheduler” in the first place… lol. So, I guess if you know your website logic, wappler has the functions to make it work.


Hey @Citizens9, what a great example of a website built with Wappler!
Thanks for sharing your work with the community :slight_smile:
That’s a really great example showing how fast you can build custom complex web apps/sites with Wappler without having to worry about the back-end code and hand coding everything! I bet nobody can design and build such a complex app in such a short time just hand coding every single option :slight_smile:


Wow @Citizens9 - that is just amazing! All this in a week? Well we had a speed starters before, but I can safely say - you have broken all the records!

And also you build it from scratch! That is the best way indeed to build a clean and well functional site in Wappler. Most people start with ready templates but end up loosing too much time to clean it all up.

Great to see how productive you can be with Wappler, when you know the technology but with Wappler you can achieve amazing productivity. As you clearly proven here.

Congratulations! You make us feel very proud of Wappler, and its great usage to people like you, turning great ideas to really!


@george @teodor
You are right. It’s just about knowing how to get your logic out.

For example, I wanted to find a connection existence between two users where { {userone} } can be { { usertwo } }. This would be one heck of a headache without wappler. I am not even sure this method is efficient but it worked for me.

So far I counted over 150 pages including wappler generated pages for the website.
Just add logic, wappler helps you achieve it.


this is fantastic and it is what I was going to study. Can you explain batter this server Connect script?
I m very interested.


Listen bruv, its simple. Open a blank page on wappler, look at the blank page you are working on. Imagine everything you want that page to do - go to - Find a video explaining any function you want, follow the steps and voila! you are good. If you can imagine it, you can build it with wappler!


Yes, thank you . I know it. I m a big fan of Wappler.
I just have to understand when you set Variable in the Server Connect how to do.
I m doing a project for internal compliance of the company so It would be nice to make relation between people .

Sincerely speaking if you could explain how you worked the three variables would be great.

Thank you in advance


@Citizens9 - you might see some extra traffic coming to your site as we featured it in our newsletter :slight_smile:


@george yes I saw it. Thank you. That was very noble of you.