Why Are Site=project_name Attributes Randomly Being Inserted By Wappler?

Recently, I’m finding the site attribute is being inserted into random HTML elements of the form:


(where project_name is the name of my project)

They recently appeared in dmx-serverconnects and in inputs.

What are they supposed to be achieving and can I turn off their insertion?


I’m seeing the same thing. I think it’s only since version 3.7.2, but possibly before then. One problem with this is that I quite often copy sections of code between projects, and obviously wouldn’t want these project references to appear in different projects.

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I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one! :slight_smile:

I’m still on 3.7.1 so it is at least since then…

Can you confirm that it is all within the same project? So you are selecting Server Connect Actions from the same project?
And the Server Connect url links remain relative within the project?

@George, yes, I am only working on one project at the moment.


I did a global search for “site=”. There were a few of these references, in pages I’ve been working on during the last few days. There was just one from a different site - a site I haven’t been working on for a few weeks, but where I might well have copied a whole page between projects.

I checked on another site I was working on last week ; there were none of these references.

Here’s what my experience with this has been… when copying code from another Wappler project file… which contained server connect form, I encountered this tag.
This basically points to the Wappler project whose server action is being used in the action part.
Then, when I add more server connect forms, which have actions from current project, it still adds the site tag.

If you don’t have any server connect forms referencing other projects, just get rid of all the site properties, and from that point, adding new forms will not add the site property.
If you do have server connect forms, which have actions pointing to other projects, I think this site property allows Wappler to manage the picker UIs.

This has been improved in Wappler 3.7.3

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