Why a 'PRO' thinks Wappler is not for real pros

Since we had the talk on hashnode I am posting here the arguments that a 'PRO' developer has mentioned so we might discuss some more stuff around this and might come up with more ideas

This is what he said

has no routing as yet, it has no component facilities, no slots, templates, can't load external pages, no way to organise functions/directives, other than inline etc, to name but a few, so it lacks the professional workflow of the mentioned front-end js frameworks such as Angular, React and Vue.

Hey Niko,
I know that "pro" developer from the Adobe forums and he's some old guy at the end of his life who declines everything that's different than his workflow :grinning: and he speaks against using extensions, frameworks etc.
I am pretty sure he's just annoyed that non pros achieve more than what he can deliver to his clients using tools like Wappler.

Somebody sent me his post about Wappler explaining that Wappler is not good as when you develop the site using it and then half a century later, when someone takes over your project they would not be able to work on it as the code is "proprietary". That's his argument which I do not agree with... The backend is pure PHP/ASP/.NET code and the front end is a pure JavaScript framework. If you insist to you can edit any of the PHP/ASP/.NET code generated by our tools. Anyway, this Adobe forum is being used by like 5 old guys constantly talking against everything which is not involving hand coding.

No component facilities? What about the components we introduce in App Connect every week?
Cannot load external pages? Well, you will be able to do this in a couple of weeks :slight_smile:
Inline directives? What's the issue with that? That's how vue works, that's how we decided to create app connect as well.

I prefer not to pay attention to guys like this, as it's like arguing with the radio - they just talk the same things they always do, making no sense at all.


“The fruitful tree would be stoned.” It is a Turkish proverb meaning that a person who achieves something is usually criticized unfairly by those who envy him/her. It could also mean that the person is criticized just out of pure hatred although s/he has done something good, something perfect.


Yes I agree with you that is not worth to take it seriously. Only posting this here since it is good when we talk about Wappler away from here to come back here with our minds open and create good stuff from the harsh critisisim.

I think that the guy who answered to my post in hashnode (the answer I posted is not from the Adobe forum) is a hand coder (propably young age). It is nice to have and hear this kind of critisism from hardcore hand coders since this will give feedback for more creativity and ideas.

Also yes I know what Wappler can do and I won’t say it is for pros or not. Let’s better ask why big companies in my country prefer working with a lazy amateur like me and they left behind big ‘pro development companies’.


Nope, he's one of the 5 old guys at Adobe forums who spend their days there hating non-coders. At least his nickname is the same :slight_smile:

HAHA I am preparing some tea then.

I've heard the same thing from some other Wappler users btw. Strange coincidence, ah?

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Yes I am sure it is coincidence, and I would suggest that you don’t believe it, when you hear this kind of things.

Probably their uncles work in the big companies, and that’s why they hired the non-pros.

I tried to react to some of the posts, but as you say @Teodor it was like speaking to a brick. As for the guy who answered my retort, well basically for him anything new is an issue, one of those witch hunters. haha. I gave up after that. They can just continue trolling here and see what they are missing.

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Yeah, and I am also sure that this ‘amateur’ is getting payed by his father and not the company itself. His father gives the money to the company so it looks like the company is paying him.

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One thing that is true - we are not aimed at hard coders. Wappler will continue to be design oriented (front/back end) tool with support for hand coding and not the opposite.

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And this is the right idea, all major successful software work like this.
Take for example After Effects, all 3d software. You can create anything through the UI, and when needed you can add your own scripts, or edit by hand codingwhat was previously created by clicking.

Thats the idea and that’s the future. Is like saying that all photoshopers are lazy because they click and drag and not hand coding to edit an image

Of course they are. Real "pro" designers draw on a paper!


Yeah and I dont start my car with a key (I am not lazy like all of you), I bring the cables together and it starts.


I don’t go to the Supermarket to buy my food you poor lazy people. I go out to the woods and hunt it like a real man would do!!!


I agree, seems the best way to go.

Unfortunately the reality is that I am a hand coder, but I have no team of people sitting behind me debugging everything I do, in coding there are probably 100 different ways to code something and get very similar results. Who is to say the way I did it was the best way, it probably wasn't.

With Wappler the code it produces is tried and tested by hundreds of people using the product, so I know the code is the best it can be and improved upon all the time, optimised and rewritten using better technologies as they become available. The end result is I do not have to be nervous that in a week my client will tell me this particular use case is not working, and a month later something else is broken. I can use the tools and forget about it.

Secondly, if I had to hand code everything I would never make any money, no company is going to pay me for a month of work to put together some major system that wordpress can offer with a plugin anymore.

Lastly, I can not possibly know everything about everything as a single person, I walk into a company to quote on a job and they want integration to an API, the next day another company wants to write out .csv files, the next day another company wants to integrate with their Accounting software, and the next day another company wants to rotate and crop images and allow users to download them. I can not possibly know all the ins and outs of every file type, and technology, or i would spend my life researching. With Wappler I do not have to know why or how unless i want to, i can click the right component and get the right results.


Less of the old… more of the wise.

Of course there is no Routing or real template system. Of course I guess the last point would be possible. But there is one important point with all these frameworks as laravel, codeIgniter, django etc.

image https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c1/MVC.png

Anyway it would be nice to add some more manageability for bigger projects in wappler or better structure. But in wappler you see what you do! Thats magic! Its amazing!

In other frameworks mostly you code blindly, compile or bake it and press the magic F5 button in your browser. And back. And same again and back. And same again. As we all know its cool to freely code like mr Hotz from youtube, but we all forget smth important. :

Migrate, Bake or whatever via cmd/shell. Most users are not familar with that and it needs a deep knowledge how that concept works and what you all can do:

So we shouldnt forget that a user is „just“ the guy who


our software and thats the magic key:
For a „USER“ a software needs to be:

  1. Easy
  2. Accessible
  3. Userfriendly
  4. Fast
  5. Logic
  6. Modern

If we lost the focus on these parts, we are lost!
If techies develop software this is a big mistake. The techie doesnt think like a user. So a techie, sorry to say that, never should design a software, unless he is one of these 1% Allrounder TechieDesign genius! Think about apple, even their Xcode is nice, their products are well designed and users are happy. Okay mostly.

A friend of mine had a software company and they were stuck with user interface. Wasnt userfriendly. So my friend took the team down the street and was asking people DIRECTLY to use and try his software.

That is still an inspiring moment for me. Design is usability. In wappler you can make a working prototype in no time!


They don't care what software you use. they prefer us because single developers amateurs are way less expensive.

but they will never rely on us on mission critical applications

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