What would Jesus do? JSON, MySQL or something else?

Hi all,
I need to create a hotel/Airbnb-style web for a client. :grinning: I was supposed to design the site using Bootstrap while the client’s in-house server/database guy was going to use Umbraco to create the backend stuff so staff could update the web data, daily. Unfortunately, the server guy left the company :cry: so I want to see what I can do without him.

Since I’m new to all this server/API/JSON/MySQL and Wappler, it’s going to be a steep learning curve but if I’m told what direction I should take, then it would make it a lot easier.

So, my questions are:

  • How would YOU set up a hotel/property rental site that requires staff to make changes to their listings from their office? Would you use JSON or MySQL or something else?

  • If JSON, do I need to learn JSON straight away or can I copy a JSON file and use it to practice with? Any idea where I could find a rental property JSON file worth copying? (I think there’s a real estate JSON file buried in Wappler somewhere?) How would staff update the info? Would they be expected to update the JSON file on their server and I would point to it?

  • Would Wappler’s database be a better solution? How would staff update the database?

I love learning so studying this stuff is not an issue; time and lack of knowledge on what I’m doing, is. If someone points me to the best solution, I can focus my learning on that first.

Thanks in advance.

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Quickly while I’m drinking coffee:

You will create a database. This will be empty as you will then need to add tables (for example registration). Tables hold columns which are the areas where your data will be kept (name, telephone, unique ID, etc). You then create a User with rights to access the database. You then connect to the database as the User and run queries (statements requesting information form the DB). There are tools out there like Workbench (https://www.mysql.com/products/workbench/) that are free to use and will give you a visual representation of your structure, or you could use PHPMyAdmin (found in most hosting control panels). Once you arrive at this point and you are connected to your DB come back and give us a shout! :wink:

By the way! Jesus works for Amazon. I saw him once in a data centre. Pretty sure it was him! :smiley:


@Dave, are you sure you did not see him at a Facebook data centre? After all, Facebook has more information on people than Amazon does, LOL


Nah man that was Judas! :smiley:


OK. That makes sense. I didn’t want to start something only to find there’s an easier way with Wappler.
Thanks Scott.

Not a problem re the Wappler not doing it. Thanks for the phpMyAdmin tip, psweb. If I know what the experts do, then I’ll just imitate you guys. :grinning:

Yep, I’ve seen the phpMyAdmin in the cPanel. I’ll get stuck into learning MySQL and phpMyAdmin.

I played around with a database many, many years ago but I’m basically a complete novice. I’m pretty good with information design (if that’s what you mean by saying a ‘database design is a bit of an art’) and I pick up things pretty quickly but I’m only really conversant with front-end coding (which I normally do manually via VSCode). I love simple, clean code and knowing where everything is if something goes wrong.

I recently jumped onto Wappler because of the database opportunity that cropped up and the app connect functions it has.

So, you might need to answer in ‘bits and pieces’ until I get up to speed. :crossed_fingers:


@Dave, sounds like our lives are pretty similar, haha, isn’t it fun, lol.
Always loved the Caleb Curry video training too, not quite as fun as Simons Cat, but nothing ever is.

Jesus is from Mexico, and wears gangster clothing, with shirts from Billy Ray Cirus, I hear the Mexicans talk about Jesus all the time in prison movies, so probably works for Tesla, and not Amazon or Facebook, but hey, just my opinion.

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Might be an idea to show us your picture on a piece of paper of your proposed database before you fully implement it. Wappler has some true database masters here, such as Hyperbytes, Ben, Brad, Dave, to mention but a few. Do note, i am leaving myself out of that list, I used to be in it, but then I met Hyperbytes, and dropped myself off it.


It’s interesting you hear that these didn’t meet your needs (or became too bloated). This particular client has sites on Joomla he wants removed so he might have had the same issues?

I’ve never used Dreamweaver and only recently heard about DMX extensions. I think this is why a lot of people here seem pretty comfortable with what Wappler can do vis a vis app connect and databases. It seems the front-end is merging with the back-end. This is all new to me.

I’ve checked out some of the Wappler documentation and what I’ve seen looks well done. My problem was I didn’t know what part of the documentation I should focus on. You guys helped clarify what I should be doing so thanks for that and thanks for the other links, too.

It did. Much obliged. :smile:


I have just finished one for a customer relating to student accommodation (although a lot of content is restricted to public until signup for commission reasons)

If is MySql based, 99.9% wappler ( 6 lines of custom PHP in total)


I am currently working on a private landlords property rental portal


Ohhh yeah!!! That’s a good idea.

‘Humility is the last skill the master learns’ :wink:


Awesome. Thanks for sharing that link, Master Hyperbytes.
I hope you post the rental property site when complete. I’d like to see if there are any ideas I could nick. :smile:

For the SQL I use Workbench (which is free) this gives you a visual layout you can see what you are doing. One of the second best things I use (first is obviously Wappler) :slight_smile:

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Glad to offer advice where needed

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Wow. Everybody’s into rental properties. I sure came to the right place. :sunglasses:

Yeah, I’ll definitely do a schema (and post it) but first I’ve got a lot of learning to do. Thanks for the video link. I signed up for a Udemy MySQL course, too. (I wonder if I can watch both videos at the same time to speed up the process?)

Thanks Master Dave (you were on psweb’s List of DB Masters). Very much appreciated.


If you are a database novice this may be useful. I will get around to releasing part 2 soon, it is 75% complete.


OK, will do. Thanks for the info, Dave.

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Cool. You’re the second person to recommend Workbench. I got a glimpse of the visual layout and can see how it could get very complex pretty quickly.
Thanks, gunnery.