What would Jesus do? JSON, MySQL or something else?

It’s a very popular field to be in right now. So much going on in this space it is a constant job to stay on top. Maybe we could pool ideas and share code among those of us involved within this area of development? Some of the systems we have in place have taken years to get right, lots of unnecessary developments, dead-ends, blood, sweat, and tears. The K.I.S.S way of dealing with everything seems to work best. Keep It Simple Stupid. Think about everything and its relation to the next step, then think again, and again, and again, discuss, deploy, learn, discuss, deploy, and repeat!


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Oh, you’re Wappler Unwrapped? I’ve watched a couple of your vids and made a note to watch the entire playlist. Nice work Hyperbytes.

An introduction to relational DB theory would be good grounding so thanks for that. I played around with FileMaker many, many years ago so a lot of this info seems strangely familiar. I hope that means I’ll pick it up faster?

Thanks cy2, yes I am unwrapped, some even say more like unhinged! :rofl:


Lol, yes thats Hyperbytes or Brian
I am learnwappler or PsWeb or Paul

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And you’re Paul Strydom? I’ve watched several of your vids, too.

I feel like Truman in The Truman Show; everyone around me is not who they seem. I think I need to go to bed. It’s almost 1 am and I’m starting to spin out.

'Night peeps. Thanks for all your help.


I’m Dave. Just Dave. :smiley:


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Mwahaha Dave, not Dave; Dave Bond.
I will really confuse you, you might also know me from Lords Mobile, kingdom 495, part of the KKG Guild as the user Scorpios, the poor bugger who was attacked this morning and lost 2.7 million troops and is still crying. Got about a 40 day rebuild ahead, haha.

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I’m Scorpios!!

\slaps self with a frozen trout


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Haha, well any Scorpio is a friend of mine, I am also half Portuguese, maybe we are long lost brothers Dave. Although if you saw me ride a horse, you would disown me as your long lost brother.

We should go back on Topic from here now so we can see if Teodor can still split the thread, lol. Sorry @cy2 and @Teodor

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Hahahaha. Mate it is a small world indeed, anything is possible! I don’t ride the horses. Since Superman perished it put me right off. My girlfriend is a lunatic on them though. Don’t worry she already disowned me :smiley:

Sorry for going off topic in your thread @cy2 hope you forgive us! :wink:

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Haha!!! That cracked me up. :smile:

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It doesn’t bother me but I understand Teodor wanting to split the discussion.

I’ve got enough feedback from this thread to keep me busy for a while so thank ya all for that.