What will be your first project when Server Side API is published?

All wappler users and @wappler_ambassadors
What will be your first project when server side api is published? what do you think ?

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Mail chimp integration with database
Flight tracking with Gallileo travel systems
Weather integration with post booking / pre stay mailers for a hotel chain that wants to give people an email with an indication of the weather forecast over the dates of their stay.

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have you ever used amedeus? Have you had a chance to try? Do you know about the differences between galileo and amedeus?

I want to integrate with (4psa.com) voipnow unified comm.
it is so good

I would go with User KYC Onboarding :grinning:

My first project will be seeing what @psweb gets up to (if he lets us know).

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Got a load of letting company APIs to interface with to streamline my current project

I have never really worked to closely with either @s.alpaslan unfortunately, however I have many hotel / lodge / accommodation providers that use various internal systems such as galileo and amadeus and others that then seem to integrate into booking systems like siteminder/ booking button, nightsbridge, bookeo, activitar etc.

My clients are generally using these systems internally within the hotel to keep track of their room availability and set to the minute rates that then push through to the booking provider, then the booking provider pushes all those prices through to the OTA’s Online Travel Agents such as Booking.com and the likes. I am going to really try hard to see if there is a way to get information from the booking provider and push the rates myself through to the Google Hotels API as for some or other reason none of the booking providers I have tried seem to be able to push the property rate to Google Hotels, so the rates available on Google Hotels are always from huge OTA’s and never the property itself which is quite unfair.

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You guys are way smarter than me. Much respect.

@TomD, haha, thanks, glad you have such faith in my abilities, lol.

@brad, I only wish I was as clever as I must sound, I spend day and night, fighting with code, fail, fight some more, fail, read another 10 articles, cry, scream, fail again, lie to my client that I am so close, read some more, watch 20 video tutorials, try again, fail, fail, fail, x 20, fight more. Finally 3 weeks later I win with something that is half of what I really wanted. That is my life.


Hahahaha... that describes me to a T !

yes, booking can sometimes be complicated and tiring. Maybe you can make simple videos for us in the future.

One day when I finally get that system properly worked out I promise I will share with the Wappler community.

I have spent so much time with the Activitar and Bookeo booking systems trying to get them to integrate certain features.
One would imagine a booking system for accommodation would be similar to a booking system for activities companies but alas they are really not. I work with an activities company that has activities ranging from, Helicopter trips, micolight flights, canoe trips, quad bike safaris, jet boat trips, bungee jumping, horse rides. All worked great, until they added a new activity, Walking with elephants, NOT RIDING them, just walking beside them, well you can hire out a single elephant at X Rate, or you can have 6 guests hire 6 elephants to go walking for Y Rate, but guess what, elephants only walk in their group, therefore if a single person hires a single elephant for a walk, and nobody else books, then all 6 elephants still have to go for the walk, they all need feeding, treats, water, etc. Try find a booing system for activities that accommodates for that, haha. Luckily Activitar created some special use cases for me to get around it.

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Great topic guys! Keep the feedback and APIs coming! So we can make sure they all work!

The main challenge we currently have is to support the various server side authentication.

We currently have basic authentication (username/pass) and also all king of API keys.

So that should cover about 90% of the APIs

Very special APIs that require oauth2 server side or JWT tokens will be a challenge and we won’t support those initially.

So check the APIs indeed that you want to use and their authentication, so we can make sure it is all fine!

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@psweb you can use bluetooth beacon if you are creating client side applications .

@TomD You can use bluetooth beacon in your project. I’ve used it in a project for a shopping center. Available in security.


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I would imagine Mail Chimp would be a fairly common one @George, and as far as I know that uses oauth2, so that might have to move down my list to last.

@s.alpaslan, thanks I will check that out, sounds interesting indeed.

especially when you are available, I would like to ask you to review. Because there are many interesting projects.

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I think we will wait too long time for oauth2 server side or JWT tokens.

I don’t think you will ever need oauth2 for server side - as on the server side oauth2 is needed for service accounts only.

Also most of the APIs like Mailchimp @psweb use api keys.

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Well then I am over the moon happy, unfortunately API’s just confuse me constantly, I suppose once I start using the server side API integration it will start making more sense. As far as I could tell this was really mainly to hide API Keys as the main core reasoning behind the server side API version.