What will be your first project when Server Side API is published?


2 of my projects were canceled. I need to oauth2


I think you are talking about client side oauth2 - this is a totally different thing. Usually done when user needs to authorize app.

I was talking strictly server side only.


Could you give example of the oauth2 APIs that you need and how exactly you think the authentication workflow going to happen in your website.

So we can check them all.



you can check this api @george . you can see all requirements

I can give you test account for testing @George.


You must suffer. When I get stuck I ask @Teodor for help. Much faster solution than your fights. :rofl:


This is me being super honest @web-works , I probably try everything I can think of myself before asking anyone for help, clearly I am a total sucker for punishment, or maybe I just took that “I did it my way” song a little too literally. If I ask, it means I am asking in total shame and disbelief that I could not figure it out myself… Time for another flogging :wink:


You can show us your projects now. Server API has been integrated in the latest version :wink:


of course @Teodor ,
I’ve been very busy lately. I think it’il take two or three weeks. Then I’ll prepare samples.
But I follow you every day.