Welcome Bubblers! (An honest review)


And no more… Hey did bubble just change something under the hood that impacts my workflow?

Okay. Time to work. I’m here if you hit a wall, and can speak both Bubble and Wappler.


Something you need to bear in mind from Bubble to Wappler (correct me if I am wrong others!) is that you need to setup cron tasks (again pretty easy with a webhost and cPanel) that essetially replaces scheduled workflows. The beauty of it is though that you an run them every minute and not be stuck to daily workflows etc.


I’ll take that into account. Thanks for the tip!

I will probably go with a local MAMP stack at the beginning and then move to digital ocean as I have used them before.

I already decided that I am going to clone one of my Bubble side projects.

I’m a mod over on the Bubble forums, but have been lurking here for quite some time. @datguru I think if you were to put together that tutorial on shared hosting (and maybe one for database creation and management), it’d be the onramp needed for a lot of the folks trying out both.

Many of the folks coming here to take a look have never heard of SQL or could define “shared hosting provider,” so to see adoption from that crowd may mean a “web apps on Wappler for absolute beginners” type of course.


Hosting-wise I stick to a $5/month Digital Ocean VPS server with ServerPilot on top. Up and running within a few minutes and do not need to worry about setting up a server, apache, MySQL etc. ServerPilot does that for me and has some neat caching features too. I believe they manage firewall too and patch any major security updates so very little maintenance required.

All that for $10 month and a blazing fast site on par with AWS or Google Cloud. If you’d like an introduction link, I can send you mine which gives you a $10 ServerPilot credit and a $50 Digital ocean credit :wink:


Hey Andrew!

Your comment reminds me of the differences I noticed in the two forum communities.

  1. Along with passionate users participation, you also have consistent participation from the Wappler team…sometimes having it from the proverbial horses mouth is critical.
  2. There is less traffic here (however very responsive), which could naturally be fewer users, fewer issues, etc., but I think it is worth pointing out that because everything is standards based, we have Google. Need an html change, Google. Javascript question, Google. Bootstrap 4, Google…etc. The forum can be your place for topics regarding the editor itself, whereas on Bubble, nearly everything inherently is a Bubble topic.

It is great that users have both options…I’ve said it elsewhere, there is room for both products – choices are good. Some people just won’t feel good with Wappler, and vice versa.


You make a very important point about Wappler @mebeingken which many people forget about. It produces standard code using industry standard libraries and in many cases the solution does not reside in the forum but elsewhere on the internet where huge amounts of support information resides


People hear SQL and freak out.

SQL is basically deciding with your significant other the shopping list but in other terms.

I want these a, b and c things from that shop where a brand is x, b brand is y and c brand is z. And please make sure to group and order them correctly in the kitchen cupboards.

Yep, I’m well aware of what SQL is and how to use it, but it isn’t easy syntax for someone to pick up and be productive with if they’ve never had to work with anything that looks like code before. A lot of the Bubble work I did was with non-technical founders who have zero foundation to build from. I’d wager the learning curve for those users to transition from Bubble to Wappler is pretty astronomical, hence my suggestion of a “How to Wappler for Bubblers” type of course.

Hi Bubblers!

I also wanted personally to welcome you to Wappler!

As @max_gb pointed out there are many advantages in using Wappler.

The most important one to me is Freedom. You decide what you want to do with your app or website and host it wherever you want. Hosting these days has become just as common as electricity and there are huge amount of great hosting providers that make it very easy for you to use their services. The controls panels they use are ultimate user friendly and no deep technical knowledge is needed.
Also the most of them provide easy scalable hosting so you just pay as you grow. Just check indeed Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Great idea @datguru to put up a quick tutorial in getting started with common hosting.

Other major Wappler advantage, as @Hyperbytes is that it uses standards based web frameworks and produces standards code that every professional web developer can read and use. So you are building lean & mean websites & apps on a high professional level without any bloat code being used. That is why websites & apps made with Wappler are very fast.

With Wappler you just pay for the tool usage. There is absolutely no vendor lock-in - you choose what to do with your site and where to host it. If you stop using Wappler or just pause its usage for a while - your sites will keep on running as they always do.

The community here plays very important role in Wappler existence. We listen very carefully to all the wishes and feedback of its users and implement those quickly in Wappler with weekly updates! See The Wappler’s philosophy

So if you miss a feature in Wappler - don’t be shy - just post a feature request here in the forum and it might get included in the next update :slight_smile:

Many great new features are also coming up - like an integrated Database Creator, even more visual workflow designers, editors and so much more! So I’m sure you will feel fully at home with Wappler and follow with great excitement the weekly updates here in the forum.

Speaking of database querying and SQL @JonL - it is good to know it as background, but Wappler already includes a great Visual Query builder that generates all the needed SQL for you. Of course you can also write your custom SQL queries if you want, but most of the time you will be using the Visual Query Builder.

So welcome to you all! And enjoy Wappler! Your journey just started!


Love your philosophy. Simple. And you only made one promise. To make the tool better.

We don’t need a promise about what happens if Wappler goes out of business because we own the code.

I really love your transparency when deciding features through community voting. And I also love how you opened the conversation before building something to make sure you capture your user needs.

This is something that I miss in bubble. Yes. You can post a suggestion on the forums but you will get a standard reply about it if you ever get one. We will pass it to the engineering team.

At the beginning founders were heavily involved with the community but with growth came other responsibilities and eventually they were not there. They pass from time to time, but it’s not the same. They did hire very nice guys to handle the community but it’s not the same neither.

From what I see here you can feel that you are really helping build the product as part of the community.

Keep up the good work.


Another ex-Bubbler here. Liking Wappler already because I have the controls, not somebody halfway across the planet. And it’s not slow too - something Bubble always was.


Welcome @marcusandrews! Another thing I forgot to mention is that Wappler only adds in javascript files where it needs to so no bloated codebase for your users to wait to download.


:tada: :tada::tada:

That is the biggest downside with Bubble… performance. This is where Wappler 100% wins (along with portability I personally love that I get to choose how to scale my own app). It would be interesting to do a side by side comparison one day of load times of a simple application. However there are great things that bubble does as well which I hope will be integrated within wappler one day as well.


I’ll get that knocked up sometime this week :slight_smile: a quick intro into choosing hosting what to look out for a comparison between the options etc. Will be PHP only im afraid as I have no experience with ASP (plus they are usually a lot more expensive).

(Oops sorry for the double post!)


This is the flexibility I really enjoy. It is great to have visual builders, and when you need to go deeper, you can… Easily. Much like the command line is often a better tool than a gui window, typing out commands in the wappler editor is often my goto.


Good day! Newbie here. I just started Bubble a week ago. So far so good. I’m a total beginner in making a webapp and Bubble gave me the opportunity to make one without the need for codes. However, given the pricing scenario in Bubble, I’m confused whether I should continue learning the Bubble route or should I start looking for alternative.

And now I found Wappler. Just lurking around here a few hours ago. Thinking of learning how making a web app with wappler works. However, the biggest drawback for me is the 7 days free trial. In Bubble, I can use Bubble and learn to make an app and make it Live for free. So no cost for learning the Bubble. However, in wappler, after 7 days, it will start to charge me for using the software while studying how it works. (€19 is big for an average-earning person here in the Philippines)

Just asking guys whether will it be worth it if I take the Wappler route immediately? Or use Bubble for MVP then transfer to Wappler if I want to scale?

Then problem with starting using Bubble is it is proprietary so you can’t just move your code over to another server like you can with Wappler so in my opinion any time with bubble will be wasted when you finally make the transition