Welcome Bubblers! (An honest review)

Hi Bubblers!

I also wanted personally to welcome you to Wappler!

As @max_gb pointed out there are many advantages in using Wappler.

The most important one to me is Freedom. You decide what you want to do with your app or website and host it wherever you want. Hosting these days has become just as common as electricity and there are huge amount of great hosting providers that make it very easy for you to use their services. The controls panels they use are ultimate user friendly and no deep technical knowledge is needed.
Also the most of them provide easy scalable hosting so you just pay as you grow. Just check indeed Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. Great idea @datguru to put up a quick tutorial in getting started with common hosting.

Other major Wappler advantage, as @Hyperbytes is that it uses standards based web frameworks and produces standards code that every professional web developer can read and use. So you are building lean & mean websites & apps on a high professional level without any bloat code being used. That is why websites & apps made with Wappler are very fast.

With Wappler you just pay for the tool usage. There is absolutely no vendor lock-in - you choose what to do with your site and where to host it. If you stop using Wappler or just pause its usage for a while - your sites will keep on running as they always do.

The community here plays very important role in Wappler existence. We listen very carefully to all the wishes and feedback of its users and implement those quickly in Wappler with weekly updates! See The Wappler’s philosophy

So if you miss a feature in Wappler - don’t be shy - just post a feature request here in the forum and it might get included in the next update :slight_smile:

Many great new features are also coming up - like an integrated Database Creator, even more visual workflow designers, editors and so much more! So I’m sure you will feel fully at home with Wappler and follow with great excitement the weekly updates here in the forum.

Speaking of database querying and SQL @JonL - it is good to know it as background, but Wappler already includes a great Visual Query builder that generates all the needed SQL for you. Of course you can also write your custom SQL queries if you want, but most of the time you will be using the Visual Query Builder.

So welcome to you all! And enjoy Wappler! Your journey just started!