Websocket Error

Hi there! I followed “Realtime Data Update with NodeJS and WebSockets” for live data refresh.

Now, it works perfectly inside Wappler, it shows the data update in realtime when I add a record from another page, but when I load it in the browser it gives some errors.

I’m using Wappler 4.0.1 with Nodejs + Postgres + Docker Desktop

Please bear with me as I don’t have any experience with this :grin:.
Can anyone explain me what to do / change / configure? Thanks in advance!

Are you sure you have deployed your project? Seems like some file is missing.

Hi Teodor, yes I did, just now did it again but it doesn’t work.
On the Wappler preview mode all works perfectly

Can you send a link to your page where we can check this?

It’s on localhost with the docker desktop. Is that the problem then? do I need special hosting to make websocket work?

No, you only need Nodejs server model, which you are using already.

I clicked on “clean node packages” and got this. don’t know if it can help you:

Update: It works now.

I changed, updated, saved a lot of things so I don’t really know what was the problem / fix though :sweat_smile:

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