Webinars and more

hi all

Looking forward to first webinar. Please get involved and help make them a success.

Just to let you all know I will be taking the opportunity to grab a short holiday before they start so will not be around much. So I will drop into the forum occasionally but will not be around as much. Back next Saturday.


Enjoy your break Brian!

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I am ging to wapplercate the person that gave you leave permission. :clap:

Edit: Just noticed the start time at 01:00 AEST :-1:


Sorry @ben, will probably do a few one off specials, will try a more friendly time for those.

Brian, I am only too willing to forfeit my night’s rest for anything to do with Wappler.

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Is the webinar serious over?

Brian needs a pause. The webinars will be back soon.

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Is there an overall goal on what the webinar was building?

See Webinar Roadmap

They should be back sometime next month