Webinar Roadmap


Hi All

For those who have expressed an interest in webinars I have put together a suggested “roadmap” for the first 6 Webinars (assuming they are successful)

These are not set in stone and I am open to suggestions.

Also I do not at this time know how long these will take so there could be some movement in the breaks between webinars

Initially I will be targeting basic principals as I am hopeful that this will help a broad section of current and new users and maybe reduce the number of tech support questions posed on the forum. For that reason I will be focusing on techniques rather than specifics

I am receptive to doing the odd “special” where a need arises however please realise I don’t know everything about Wappler so I will be keeping to those areas I believe I have strengths.

For example I come from a database background but have only ever made 1 mobile app in my life and that was very basic one via Intel XDK as part of app development course i did (what a waste of money that was)

But my skill base is expanding daily so I hope to have my mobile app skills polished in a month or two.

So here is the proposed 6 week roadmap.

The theme will be based on my video 15 minuter SCRUD - A simple Contacts database and we will throughout the webinars develop that into a full blown mobile contact app

Webinar 1
Website setup, paths, FTP and project targets
Database creation and connection setup
Making Server Connections
Managing your tables with phpMyAdmin web platform
Creating your first page
Adding Frameworks
Page Names and Meta Tags

Webinar 2
Listing Table Records
Linking child forms to a parent list
Server Action Result Notifications, Success or Error
Using “Click” Dynamic Actions
Using Dynamic Modals
Techniques to hide/show a containers and buttons
Using button ‘spinners’

Webinar 3
Security - protecting your data
Security Types Single/ Static / database
Login/ Logout and security restrictions in app connect and server connect
Password update and lost password recovery (inc. mail component)

Webinar 4
Making it multi user, binding data to specific users
Relationships - Using multiple tables to allow repeating elements
Allowing multiple repeating entities such as telephone numbers

Webinar 5
Adding images to contacts
Uploading images
Resizing images
Adding image effects
Inserting image data into a related database table
Displaying uploaded images
Using Swiper, slideshows, masonry,lightbox and dynamic image paths

Webinar 6
Turning your web app into a mobile app


Webinars for Wappler

also include master page child pages in basics. creating log in pages and security for websites. Payment methods and how to build pages. Please

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Also please add me to a list for notifications when these will start and run. Also can you record for missed people or those that cannot make webinar


It will be live steamed to Twitch and also to YouTube for those who cannot be online


I dont understand sorry. Also please, please please. No boring music. Its the worst :slight_smile:


No music, just my boring voice talking you through things! Videos of the session will also be on YouTube

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I can deal with that. Its just that when music is played iust can distract from focus for me.


Looking good!

I’m personally mostly curious how to deal with api’s in wappler, because there are all sort of different ways that api’s require you to use their authentication, pagination etc. A basic api call is quite simple, but there are a lot of exceptions depending on the api.

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Hi Nevil, I think that this would not really be possible exactly as different APIs have different options.
This would mean a new webinar per every API out there :slight_smile:


These look great Brian! Looking forward to picking up a few tricks I may not know.

As a side note, I would pay money for a Stripe Integration Webinar. :wink:


Hey Brad,
Stay tuned for more news about Stripe integration soon :slight_smile:

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I assume you have viewed my videos @brad


I understand but there are some general group of lessons to pull out of that I assume? Common use cases etc


Already done some videos on both Stripe and Google geo-coding, have you viewed those videos?

EDIT - Sorry forgot, they are walkthroughs, not videos


where are your videos


Check out the forum Videos category

https://community.wappler.io/c/videos and the YouTube Wappler channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO6KNYNmOwBetYIczr71vJw


Also walkthroughs for Stripe in Docs - E-commerce


I will be interested in seeing a webinar where you will create a native mobile app with framework 7 from start to finish like you did in the 15min SCRUD walkthrough (this time including the database setup).
An example will be a simple ToDo mobile app with a loging/signup, page to view all tasks, add new task, delete task and some bottom navigation bar.


Hope to be dealing with mobile apps by about Webinar 6, for now just laying the basic foundations


Hey… great game plan. Looking forward to watching on YouTube.

Suggestions, if you can fit in the schedule:

  1. (Subtle) Animations and Design tips, besides image effects… it would help create a better UX.
  2. Instead of diving into the regular security providers and restricts (which have good docs) maybe just summarize one use case and talk about general security practices surrounding JS, API and the web in context of Wappler.

Question: web app to mobile app conversion would be a PWA or framework 7?