Web3 discussion

Governments will not let that happen :slight_smile:

Is blockchain useful? Yes.
Will it replace current actors in the financial system? Nope.


Why won’t they let it happen?

Why don’t it replace current actors?

@mgaussie wondering what would you like to use blockchain for? What projects do you think can be built using Wappler?

Yes I was wondering exactly the same, besides the hype, what practical usage you plan to have with the blockchain?

How do you see that integrated with you current or new solutions and apps?

I still find it so strange why this is still considered ‘hype’.

Blockchain is web3. Simple.

Sure Teodor, so if was a developer or this was possible with Wappler one of the first things I would look to build would be an NFT minting and ‘drop’ platform for creators.

Secondly, an NFT marketplace with staking capabilities.

Thirdly, an ID and certification/ licensing access and management platform.

Fourth, I’d implement wallets to a web2 platform in building as part of sign-in.



And re built with Wappler - you can essentially build a project 95% with Wappler in its current form- but if there are real world benefits you can simple interact with the blockchain for the validation/verification or transaction with the other 5%.

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Because replacing the system and putting it in the hands of the common people is not something rulers like to do.

China is just the first one. More will follow. Maybe not as bluntly as China given their authoritarian nature.

But I am pretty convinced that blockchain will not replace financial institutions. It’s utopia.

Financial institutions might integrate blockchain into their systems with the help of governments and regulations as it’s currently happening.


I am interested in NFTs though.

Wait, so you don’t believe democracy works?

It is and will happen. While using the term ‘common people’ is in jest I’m sure is airing on the side of arrogant.

People power has never been more prevalent and government so under scrutiny for corruption. Something has to break. Using China as an example is not really relevant.

And you make my point - blockchain is a technology, it is not one public ledger that banks suddenly start using, that wouldn’t happen - its a very very good technology that’s being implemented in government, in finance, in the public view, in the exchange and store of value. Us common people just don’t see it all. Why would we? We don’t typically get an insight into which cloud provider banks use, if any.

If you don’t see the value then don’t vote. I for one see web3 taking over and thought it worthy of the team considering.

Everyone deserves their opinion so I appreciate yours nonetheless.

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+1 vote on this.

In the application I want to build: after the transactions have been completed I want to send them to an immutable digital ledger, the Ethereum network, so that they can be traced forever in the future.


I have several web apps that would benefit from Blockchain access in terms of writing info to an immutable ledger.

I can see Blockchain currency sticking around but, like @jonl I don’t see them taking over entirely. There are plenty of applications outside of currency that Blockchain could help with and that’s where my interest lies.


Not going to discuss politics here :slight_smile:
It won’t take us anywhere. As commented I am interested in NFTs.


First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

[Mahatma Gandhi]

It’s the same with all new radical ideas.

I would recommend anyone who is cynical about the future of blockchain to do some serious research.

If you are still cynical then maybe to see a psychiatrist.

Jerome Powell came out yesterday and said the US are not going to ban crypto.

IMHO you are going to miss out on one of the biggest web, financial and investment changes that will happen in your lifetime.

I would advise against being a crypto pleb! :crazy_face:

Funny enough I am quite invested in crypto. I’m not stupid. I’ve seen 1000% ROI on some positions.

Let’s say I am open minded to explore things like this but not so open that my brain slips from my head.

Open minded but also realistic.

Blockchain is more than crypto of course.


Glad to hear you’re not a crypto pleb @JonL!

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I agree with not discussing politics - however, find it odd that you make this statement after bringing politics into the discussion yourself.

Yes, everyone is into NFT’s right now, and 1000% gains in Crypto are not really uncommon, or a sign of expertise - and it’s not really life changing if you invest $100 bucks like most people do. SHIBA jumped over 400% just this last week, as an example.

The point here is that blockchain is a technology - most people without too-much knowledge of the space tend to just default to thinking it’s a currency - it’s not, and NFT’s are proving that with the utility being built in. The pace at which things are moving right now is crazy.

Blockchain/Web3 the ‘technology’ is the future, and Solidity is how you can program and interact on and with the Ethereum blockchain (not the only, but the most common and well documented) - that is the purpose of this feature request - not whether or not countries will allow currencies to operate, which is moot as they can’t stop them - so let’s please keep this to the original feature request, and anyone with ideas / thoughts on how they can use blockchain technology in their existing, or future web-apps will help anyone reading the feature request, as well as hopefully convincing the incredible Wappler team to look into this further.

@George and @Teodor heres a link with quite a few use cases / platforms built on Blockchain tech - just to help further answer your question around what I would be interested in building:

@George @Teodor - there you go team, if you didn’t need any more convincing around Web3 and the Metaverse - Facebook is changing its name to Meta :wink:


I was wondering when would our overlords start building the next phase of The Matrix.

Only a lizard would say he is not a lizard.

Also, doesn’t the blockchain movement stand against everything that facebook is?

All in all I would only trust an Open Source metaverse. Not whatever Mark is planning for us.

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I have reviewed the article to understand the tech stack a bit more. It seems nodejs is only used for tooling. So in reality there is not much Wappler can build on top of their nodejs server model.

After reading the article I think that implementing something like this is kind of out of scope for a tool like Wappler that facilitates developing applications based on web technologies.

That being said there might be room for a web3.js core(o custom) extension to interact with smart contracts. This makes sense in Wappler’s context.

But adding solidity support to build the actual contracts makes little sense to me for Wappler although I could see another company developing some sort of nocode tool for that.

Asking the team to focus on blockchain is like asking them to focus on developing software to send rockets to Mars. I am assuming they are not experts in those fields. They probably have a very good functional understanding of what blockchain is but they can’t be experts at everything that involves “coding” only because it’s trending like blockchain or Mars exploration.