Web3 and Wappler would be an amazing niche!

Introduction why Web3:
As our world uses json and more and more a decentral technology: I suggest to think about an amazing huge step into blockchain space. Who already installed truffle drizzle framework and co knows thats a pain in the ass. I just played around with some stats from blockchain json (ethereum api) and Wappler. And it worked. Amazing to make small interfaces or getting Wallet balances, amount of transactions visually with these charts extension.

Maybe simple bug huge
Im just posting this cause I‘m into crypto since some time and interacting with blockchain isnt easy now. I dont want to create smart contracts with wappler. No! But interacting a bit more with Wappler and accessing blockchain via JSON would be huge! Really huge!

Ideas for getting these blockchain ethereum values into wappler could be with simple templates and predefined snippets. also if you want to connect to a blockchain you need like a connector, called HttpProvider which contains simply a URL (infura or native, mainnet etc). A port, Username/Password can also be defined.

Then it could go on as the documentation provides with:

  • get block height
  • get transaction
  • get eth balance

there are now two ways to access ethereum blockchain.


  2. Javascript API

please keep in mind, that ethereum is one of the biggest blockchain with a wide adoption. Google, Microsoft, games, exchanges, social stuff etc Full list Ethereum Alliance Members (Dapps are already out there). I guess the blockchain part shouldnt be missing. Im speaking now only of reading values. (Not CRUD) But in general when having a Smart Contract, also passing values would be possible. So storing would be possible. But as blockchain isnt a database in a classic mind, simple read only stuff would be amazing, to create simple Dapps like: Wallets, Stats or Charting, Filtering, Sorting etc

Please note
For surfing on Blockchain Dapps (DecentralApp) you need a Web3 Browser like: Brave with Metamask, Chrome or Firefox with Metamask or on Mobile: „Trust Wallet“, „Cipher Browser“ or „Coinbase Wallet“.

That screenhot was just posted on reddit. I guess it shows the problem with UI and Blockchain.

Link to Reddit discussion:
Reddit Ethereum Sub

What do you think guys?

  • WTF is Blockchain?
  • Good idea
  • We don‘t need Web3 with Wappler

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I am not familiar with this subject (only heard right and there) but a few weeks ago I was in a party where it happened to meet some people from the betting industry (they work in big betting companies) and they were talking a lot about blockchain and how it will affect or already affecting the betting online industry.

I just found an amazing article that shows how to make CRUD with ethereum Blockchain! That is amazing! https://medium.com/crowdbotics/solidity-crud-tutorial-part-1-building-a-smart-contract-with-crud-operations-55fc2bc5240


Freddy this is only the beginning of blockchain tech it will be the most amazing tech ever.

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