Wapplers best hidden feature so far!

I just found the best Wappler feature on earth, well at least in my honest opinion.

So we all know how wonderful it is that Wappler can display dynamic data right within the design view, well thats really amazing but lets say i have data that alters depending on what i click, how do i see that from within design view.

On a mac at least if i click on the element it takes me to its edit properties and does not actually run the command, however if i hold down my CMD key or Apple key for old time mac users, then bam it literally changes the display to what would would be if i clicked on it from within the browser.

Wappler, you have outdone yourselves, thank you. No more publishing every 10 seconds to check if it worked, i can publish much less often. A very very very happy customer.


Hello :slight_smile:
That shouldn’t be really hidden actually, I think we explained that in the first beta versions. - Ctrl+click (cmd+click on Mac) actually simulates click in as in a browser and just a click selects the element.


Well I really think it is worth making mention of this in the documentation, because it is bloody brilliant, haha, so happy with it.

Also in the docs there are areas that mention, you will not be able to see your server connect query data in the login section, however if you login through the normal login page and have the remember box checked then it does in fact still work, just need to find the right wording to portray that.

And lastly a small question whilst I am here, when you create a login page with a checkbox for remember me would it make any difference if you did not set the checkbox value to 1?

Oh sorry and one more hidden feature i think deserves mention is that to deselect all on a mac you can also cmd+click on the highlighted element which deselects all.

And in the Server Connect panel once you have made your first folder and placed your first action inside it, then it is difficult to get back to the root directory to create a second folder unless once again you cmd+click on the already selected action. Figured that one out after I had created about 20 nested folders inside eachother because I could not get back to the root.

And lastly, in the docs again i think it would be good to make mention of using the tab key after entering a link inline in a text field or the link will not actually take. I think many people will hit enter which does not seem to work for that instance.

Thanks! This has been driving me nuts!

Hello guys,
I will check with the team if this server connect panel related experience can be improved!


Thank you @psweb for mentioning this great feature! I crawled through the forum and came upon this topic by chance. My workflow has increased by 50% now! Before that, I toggled Preview Mode hundreds of times since my page is very interactive with lots of collapses , modals, etc…
I know it’s already October and this was posted in June still, I’m very glad you’ve posted this!


Pleasure @jowhiskey, unfortunately my second favourite feature was that I could physically login to my backend through Wappler by clicking preview.
I would then use the design view like a website and click the logout button which would take me back to the login page of my site, i would then enter login credentials and submit. which would take me to the default dashboard. Then i would just deselect the preview icon and hit refresh, this would then show me the data on the page as though i was logged in, since the 1.5.1 app connect switch was added this unfortunately no longer works. :frowning: