Wappler Wikipedia or Wapplerpedia

Ladies and gentlemen, hello!

As we all know, the Wappler team is exceptional, in spite of being super competent!

The big problem today is the part of the documentation that ends up being a little forgotten, in addition to being out of date due to constant program upgrades

Thinking about it and trying to help and collaborate with the community

I come to suggest to create a wikipedia for the wappler, so the community could help with the documentation and consequently we would have more content, tutorials, how to, more documentation of the program.

Example: This week I was looking for how to set the columns for different devices, I found this tutorial but unfortunately it is already out of date. I found the answer on the forum, but if I had access, I would have done a how to to help new users

In this tutorial the column size no longer exists as in the photo, it is now at the top of the software.

Anyway, I hope the community will like the idea.

Thanks for listening

There are new docs in the works.

Maybe take a look at that too to modify your feature request.
Right now the docs are just copies of existing ones… So its pretty much out dated in terms of text and images. The logic still applies but that is not enough for a new user.

I do like the idea of having community editable docs, but I have zero idea on how that this is setup and moderated.

P.S. you can vote for your own feature request.


Hi @sid @Duka_Br,

Do you mind sharing the update on this new documentation project?
As a newbie, pretty hard for me to understand each Wappler feature as a whole.
Tried to find an answer from the community, but seems like my coding knowledge is a little behind compared to others.

Changed the link from Sid’s post as it was wrong. So check the new docs in development

Hi George,

Thank you for the update. Is it new docs that already have the features @Duka_Br mentioned above?
I think it is a good idea if you could open the documentation update can suggest from the user side? maybe adding up a button like ‘Suggest an edit’ like google place have. So more people can suggest an update whenever you make a change to Wappler.

I hope that I can understand each ‘app connect element’ feature and capabilities to understand better Wappler. I know I could find more information for some elements like bootstrap somewhere over the internet or bootstrap docs itself. However, it is easier for me as a non-coder to understand how to implement it using visual programming as promoted by Wappler.