Wappler vs Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal


I have taken my first steps with wappler and I like the way it works.

Now I would like to make use of an open source CMS + Commerce Solution - like Drupal 8 and Drupal Commerce + BS4 Theme. Could you think of a simple way to integrate custom wappler sites with CMS like Drupal 8 (respecting Drupal securtiy for sites)?

Tried to ask for a solution with Scriptcase back in the days, but no solution up to now. Joomla has Fabrika, which is pretty nice and flexible…but…this is an on top solution only for Joomla though.

Having an extension that could place e.g. Drupal 8 as the base would be lovely.

I wouldn’t have thought there was a simple way to integrate Wappler with Wordpress etc. - but more to the point, why would you want to? It would of course be a huge amount of work to replicate the functionalitly of these systems in Wappler, but it’s unlikely anyone would need all of this functionality anyway. With Wappler, you would develop specifically what you need. If one of these systems offers something close to what you need, you might not need Wappler - and Wappler does have limitations (although there’s usually a way round them).

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Exactly…why would i custom code a shop system?
I still like the workflow with Wappler and the ability to code for android and mobile.

Besides…never seen such crisp & clear design, that could be altered easy with the design view.

just thought about it.

what if i use a security extension (if existend) for Drupal 8 that will restrict access to my custom Wappler pages. Once logged into Drupal 8, user can access certain Wappler pages. Could Wappler then grab the current logged in user ID e.g. for form updates?

Hi @WatchThatCode, Wappler idea is not to Integrate with existing CMS systems like WordPress/Drupal/Joomla.
With Wappler you can build your own custom CMS with all the features you need, so you won’t have to worry whether or not you will be able to customize the existing CMSs.


thank you.
yes, i understood that part.

i would like to go with wappler for building custom sides (forms, grids, apps…). the way the visual editor works is just amazing.

however, now i need to find a way to have e.g. Drupal running aside and have drupal backend manage all that article & user management.

what would be my best approach? just build those sites and secure them with a drupal extension?

can i get the actual drupal user id inside my wappler structure to pupolate tables?

You can use sessions to do this: Using Session Variables

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so where would i run into issues, assuming that i develope custom pages with wappler and integrate them into a drupal 8 page? from what i have researched, i could secure those wappler sites using drupal and have them run aside by just linking to the pages (header and footer could fit the drupal layout without e.g. shop cart functionality)? Or maybe, not using iframes, there is a way to just copy the necessary code to a drupal module that would fit the needs to do just this.

wappler would be the perfect solution to build apps stand alone or on top/ underneath any CMS (in my case drupal 8). i remember many dev attempts to make CMS like Joomla (Fusion), Wordpress or Drupal cross the bridge to other stand alone CMS.

just imagine, wappler could deploy such projects stand alone or directly as a Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress module :slight_smile:

could’t i just copy paste the body code to a drupal block and add scripts with head?
only problem would be the linking inside my WAPPLER code.

any ides or a quick fix around until an extension exists?

i could use wrappler for login and sync session with drupal, in order to login with drupal at the same time. there is an extension for drupal, that might just do that.

anyhow…i would appreciate a tip, what my best best would be for this approach.

I am not sure I understand what exactly are you trying to achieve :slight_smile:
I think I already explained what the idea of Wappler is - and it’s not really offering support for Drupal.

And by the way it’s called Wappler, not WRAPpler :wink:

i am trying to find a way, to include custom php pages, created with wappler, into e.g. a block in Drupal 8. custom php page might have a table with button to add records…links to update form, still respecting the Drupal 8 URL path.

Basically show my Wappler sites somewhere in Drupal, in order to develope apps with Wappler and use Drupal as the engine for content management.